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Millennials and workers in corporate America spend a lot of time searching to fulfill their true life calling. For those who are lucky to find it early, the not-so-sparkly journey can make it easy for you to question if you’re on the right track.

For Jennifer Noel Taylor, author of Love Incorporated: The Business Of Doing What You Love, her path to pursuing her calling wasn’t easy.

Finishing her Bachelors of Science degree in computer science at Cal Poly, she immediately started her first job as a Software Engineer at a large company in San Diego. Although she was grateful for her opportunity, like many people, she felt confined and trapped with a job that helped pay the bills but did not fulfill her passion in life.

After facing emotions that made her question herself and her journey, she focused on alternative activities outside of her work, eventually studying bodywork and alternative healing. Pursuing the new work assisted her in finding that passion for healing and she soon found herself in the midst of living her dream life.

She went on to attend school for body work and energy healing and later attended a lecture in Maui, where she met the founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon and went on to foster a mentoring relationship that resulted in a leap of faith from her software development job, to a new CEO of a failing company.

Photo Courtesy of Zen Panda Photography

Photo Courtesy of Zen Panda Photography

In Love Incorporated, Taylor outlines four tips to successfully pursue your true calling in life. She gained a lot of her insight during her journey of turning the “sinking ship” regional company she joined into a multinational corporation.

Taylor encourages you to embrace the challenges, as they are “love notes from the universe, providing you with course correction and the opportunity to improve and make changes in your life.”

Some of the challenges you will face along your journey can appear in the form of financial strain, relationship uncertainties, and business related issues; but seeing these challenges as opportunities for growth are important.

With financial challenges, Taylor encourages you to assess your relationship with money, as your heart and mind need to be aligned with how you spend, earn and accept your pending abundance.

If you find yourself low on funds, you may be putting energy into areas that don’t serve you. It is important to invest in things that will grow you as well as what you love. If you aren’t passionate about how you make money it will show in the work you do and make it difficult to earn money in abundance.

Your heart and mind should be aligned with your passion for the work you do, and facing those challenges can help you alter your mindset and foster growth. Taylor’s business practices exhibit how spiritually rewarding work, providing service to the world, and taking responsibility can result in clarity and financial abundance.

One of the most important ways to experience full alignment in your passion is to accept and embrace authenticity. Whether creating a business or working in corporate America, being able to embrace and be your true authentic self is the key to expressing and aligning with your passion. It is the true opportunity to embrace and show the core of who you are within your work.

Being someone who you aren’t aligned to be causes you to suppress your true emotions and could potentially cause you to fulfill expectations that others have placed upon you, leaving you feeling further unfulfilled.

Taylor believes that our past stories, caring about the opinion of others and self judgment, all create a block in the pathway of embracing and becoming our true authentic self.

She outlines the many ways that you can create your authenticity while building your business or pursuing your passion.

It’s important to incorporate service and philanthropy into your abundance because helping others, also helps you. Being impeccable with your word allows for the direction and success of following your passion to yield greater results as it comes back to the service you provide in the work that you are passionate to do.

In all these ways, Love Incorporated, guides on how to pursue and live the purposeful life, that you deserve.

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