Inaugural DreamHer Fest Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs At Large

Inaugural DreamHer Fest Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs

100 Female Entrepreneurs Business League and The Ms. CEO Society hosted the inaugural DreamHer Fest. Described as an all-girls business summer day camp, attendees soaked up knowledge and advice from current, women business moguls. Throughout the jam packed day, women were able to  shop entrepreneur merchandise in the “support local” marketplace, get pampered at the signature beauty lounges, participate in workshops, and network with other women in an organic and impactful way.

With featured speakers including Necole Kane (XO Necole), Arian Simone (Fearless Inc.), Audria Richmond (Building Big Brands/ Uncloned), Maja Sly, Bianca Rush (Ladies Who Brunch),  Dr. Nicole Garner Scott (100 Female Entrepreneurs), Candace Mitchell ( My Avana), Tola Lawal, Kimber Raell (Ms. CEO Society) and many more, women learned about financial, networking, and creativity tips as entrepreneurs.

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In one breakout session on branding and marketing, best-selling Author, Audria Richmond gave a speech on how entrepreneurs can remain authentic in the growing sea of entrepreneurs, desperately wanting to be noticed and praised. In her speech, Unclone Me, she shared 7 epic “un-rules” for entrepreneurs to get comfortable and flourish. Advice included, recalling everything you were ever told and taught and forgetting it, gettin to know yourself, becoming your alter ego, and most important – do your own research.

Inaugural DreamHer Fest Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Necole Kane, of XONecole, shared her story in the fireside chat, of how she walked away at the peak of her success with her brand The highlight of her discussion was turning down a multi-million dollar deal for the site to be purchased, and choosing to close the brand for good. She shared the highs and lows of her rebranding of herself and her business to XONecole, and shared the news of her recent acquisition allowing her to grow the new lifestyle brand.

Inspiring women with her story of moving from Atlanta to Arizona to isolate herself and grow into the positive woman she always knew she was capable of becoming. She recounted feeling stuck in her situation, ashamed of the work she was producing causing her to let go of everything she once knew in order to grow; assuring us all that the desire to be liked by others will often keep us in places we aren’t happy with, for the sake of being falsely valued by our peers. Sharing her three major ingredients in her recipe of success – Consistency, Faith, and building partnerships.

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