Just Graduated: Opportunities for Commuincation Majors


I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications. What is strategic communications? What can you do with it? These were of the many questions I am asked. The communication field has endless opportunities and numerous routes.

I started off as an accounting major and later found this was not the profession for me. I then made the switch to strategic communications. The major description said it was the study of how and why organizations and individuals use communication to negotiate their role in society. It also incorporated public relations as a central component of how organizations at all levels (business, nonprofits, government organizations and social issues groups) use two- way communication to influence public opinions and behaviors of key publics and how to respond and adapt.

No matter what your job title may be communication is key. As a college student trying to figure out what I wanted to do I knew by taking courses in communications I could succeed at almost anything. Currently, I am the community relations intern at Dayton Power and Light where I work with the corporate and social responsibility team. It is our job to work with organizations in the local community to provide funding for their programs that invest in the community, advance education and training , encourage economic development and protect the environment. I am also the fundraising intern at Gorman Heritage Farm where I research information for grant opportunities and work with donors to support programs for the nonprofit organization.

A degree in communications has served me well. I am able to effectively prepare and deliver messages to different audiences, utilize research skills in numerous projects and coordinate and execute programs. So for everyone who asked me what strategic communications is and what you can do with it, there it is!

Here are some other jobs I have identified for people with communication degrees:

• Research analyst
• Assistant buyer
• Consultant
• Sales representative
• Business manager
• Information specialist
• Account coordinator
• Customer service representative
• Claims investigator
• Advertising assistant
• Management trainee
• Marketing associate
• Reservation agent
• Employee relations staff
• Personnel
• Public affairs director
• Corporate communication director
Human Relations
• Community affairs administrator
• Program coordinator
• Public relations representative
Public Relations
• Media relations director
• Employee relations specialist
• Consumer relations director
• Corporate communication director
• Community relations specialist
• Publicity director
• Public information specialist
• Marketing communication trainee
• Account executive
• Assistant account executive
• Media researcher
• Promotion specialist
• Public relations marketing specialist
• Media buyer
• Integrated marketing communication director
• Investor relation director
• Lobbyist
• Mediator
• Administrative assistant
• Press secretary
• Public information officer

Want to take your first step? Take a look at a few open job opportunities here.

Alyvia Johnson

About Alyvia Johnson

Alyvia Johnson, 22, a native of Columbus, Ohio, received her Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications at Miami University. Currently, Alyvia is participating in an internship program called NewFaces of Fundraising where she will learn about the function of development within non-profit organizations. She will also take on the role as the community relations’ intern at Dayton Power & Light. Alyvia is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, watching movies and experimenting in the kitchen with new cuisines.
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