New Poll Reveals Most Men Believe Sexism Is A Thing Of The Past

According to 56% of American men sexism is done with.

Sexism is a thing of the past, according to 56 percent of American men surveyed by a recent Pew Research Center poll.

When asked if, “obstacles that made it harder for women to get ahead are largely gone,” hundreds of men agreed. Only 34 percent percent women surveyed reported sexism over and done with.

The poll also asked men and women’s thoughts on gender-based issues in reference to their political affiliation. With a total of 4,602 respondents, 68 percent of adults identified or leaned toward Democratic and 35 percent identified as or leaned toward Republican.

As a party, Republican women are tied on whether sexism is an issue however they still are twice as likely than a Republican man to acknowledge that challenges still exist for women to move ahead. Three-quarters of Republican men though continue to believe sexism is dead as proven by a few hours of watching Fox News.

Luckily, the gender gap is much smaller when looking at Democrat’s views on sexism. 74 percent of Democratic women believe obstacles for women do still exist, compared to 60 percent of Democratic men.

The numbers explain the views and backlash coming to light during the Trump vs. Clinton election. It comes with little surprise, at this point to see comments like the one below following the Democratic National Convention.

Commentator Scottie Nell Hughes essentially checked off the sexism never existed response as she shares below, “if a woman walks into the voting booth and pulls that lever for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman, that right there I think is sexist.” Sally Kohn and Michaela Angela Davis sat in shock in response to Hughes statements. “Acknowledging that Hillary Clinton is a woman,” Kohn said, “that it is a historic accomplishment to break that glass ceiling that has existed – it is not the same as saying we would only vote for her if she were a woman.”

However for a majority of women, as proven by the polls, we are beyond aware of the existence of sexism. Women have learned how to laugh and cry simultaneously as we remain unvexed by the inherent inclusion of overt sexism in 2016 – whether that be political, social, athletic, or Olympic commentary.

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