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May 2 2012, Published 11:20 p.m. ET

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Mentorship is important.  While live face to face interaction is important there are certain ideal mentors that may be out of our networks at the moment. We may want women who run the world to be our personal mentors, but until the magic moment of introduction happens, thanks to technology, we have the luxury of being able to have access to them via our social networks. 

 Johnica Reed || Stepping lightly across continents.

She’s all about travel, tech and innovation and her timeline is a reflection of curated experiences and information both personal and professional.

On careers: “You no longer just get to move up, you get to move around.” via @HarvardBiz

— Johnica Reed (@johnica) April 25, 2012

Marvett Britto || President/CEO of The Britto Agency Entertainment and Corporate PR/Brand Strategist, TV/Film Producer/CNN Contributor

Her timeline is a steady stream of testimony, praise and inspiration.

PRGEMS: Never ASSume u can’t do something, just try it!

— Marvet Britto (@MarvetBritto) April 28, 2012

Alexandra W. Wilson || Founder & Chief Merchandising Officer. Care about fashion, entrepreneurship, education and enjoying life w/family & friends.

Alexandra is the co-founder of the mega successful start up GILT GROUP and while she totes almost 20,000 followers, she’s extremely responsive and engaging on twitter.  From keynote speeches, to travel, to what she’s reading or wearing she shares it all while highlighting other women’s accomplishments along the way.

So excited to be attending @Oprah ‘s event for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Talk about changing the world! — Alexandra W. Wilson (@GiltAlexandra) April 25, 2012

June Ambrose || Author of the book Effortless Style -Celebrity Fashion Stylist/Designer -Styled By June airs Monday’s at 9:30pm EST on Vh1 #styledbyjune

Inspiration, one outfit at a time.  She broadcasts and brands every single day. Literally, from sobersunday to maverickmonday she’s always branding, posing, and broadcasting every moment of her fabulous life as a stylist, entrepreneur and a mom.

#StyledByJune BeautyBar Secrets: @SirJohnBLife lighten @RealMichelleW eyebrows which soften her beautiful — juneambrose (@juneAmbrose) April 24, 2012

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Beth Comstock || Marketer on a mission. Intrigued by ideas at the intersection of design & technology. CMO at GE. Aspiring innovator. Sometime writer. Relentless traveler.

For someone so high on the executive ladder this marketer on a mission is engaged, active and invested in the social media space. Sharing nuggets from industry news to personal moments.

After a crazy long week, today’s inspiration. — bethcomstock (@bethcomstock) May 6, 2012

Seth Godin || Founder of, author, blogger. This is a retweet of my blog.

While this twitter feed is just essentially an RSS of his blog, Seth Godin’s posts are a daily must read and to ensure you do not miss any updates follow the twitter feed.  His musings on leadership, work, and life gives snippets of honest advice.  Advice that forces you to evaluate your self and your habits.  

Seth’s Blog: The flipping point — Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) May 7, 2012

Bevy Smith || I’m Bevy Smith and I’m a gal about town! Definitely not a socialite or a fashionista! Just Bevy!

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Even with over 33,000 followers she is engaged with her followers and unafraid to tell it like it is. Over the course of a day you’ll know which headlines she thinks are worth talking about, which shows are worth watching and which events are worth attending.  You’ll also get countless and priceless advice, all very candid.

When things don’t make sense to me, I’m not afraid to admit it…sometimes it’s ploy to be dismissive, other times it’s a learning tool! — bevysmith (@bevysmith) May 7, 2012

Tia Williams || Beauty babble and more from an author, Shake Your Beauty blogger, mommy and former beauty editor at Elle, Glamour, Lucky and

She’s your big sis in your head, Tia Williams, beauty girl extradonaire recently relaunched her blog Shake Your Beauty and she’s letting us in on everything from waxes, to new growth mixed in with snapshots of her personal life including her precious daughter Lina.

New SYB Post: “Washboard Abs of Pleasure, or Online Dating is Humiliating.’ The worst date ever; the best hair ever. — Tia Williams (@shakeyourbeauty) April 26, 2012

Danyel Smith || novelist | editor | and currently: writing a history of african-american women in pop music (It Books/HarperCollins) | the rest:

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Danyel is a writer’s writer.  A true journalist at heart she always presents a balanced opinion and curates the latest information in news, entertainment, politics and even sports.  She’s always on the move and is someone to be admired in the journalism field.  From books to magazines to editing to the web she’s done it all staying true to her voice and constantly perfecting her craft.

going to Princeton this morning to talk about black women in pop music. #excited

— Danyel Smith (@danamo) May 9, 2012

NataliaObertiNoguera || @PipelineFellows Founder & CEO. Creator of #womaninnovator. Tweet about #socent, #LGBT, #languagematters, #morevoices, #changetheratio, pop culture, & gadgets.

She’s changing the ratio through investors.  Her organization Pipeline Fellows recruits women investors and trains them to then move forward and invest in women entrepreneurs.

“Pipeline Fellowship Grooms Female Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs” by

— NataliaObertiNoguera (@nakisnakis) April 30, 2012

And as a bonus– last but not least, the ultimate dream mentor…

Oprah Winfrey || Live Your Best Life

While you might not ever meet her she’s always right at your finger tips.  The media mogul has gotten really interactive with her fans and followers through twitter.  She responds to questions and acknowledges requests and really connects with her audience.  While she also utilizes the platform clearly to promote her channel and her shows she does it with authenticity and transparency by having a conversation with her followers.

Thank you to Gayle King. I’ve never seen or heard of a better mother. She has treated me the same,100% always in my corner cheering me on!

— Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) May 13, 2012

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