15 Resolutions You Should Make In 2015



Dec. 26 2014, Published 2:00 a.m. ET

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With a new year fast approaching (I know; I can’t believe it either), it’s time to roll out the resolutions. Don’t resign yourself to the typical “lose ten pounds” or the general “be happier.” In 2015, you should make goals for yourself that are specific and can be accomplished without starvation and/or misery. When it comes to resolutions regarding success, happiness and health, here’s a list of fifteen winners everyone should strive for in 2015:

1. Learn Three New Things Each Week


There is always new knowledge to obtain. You don’t have to master guitar, piano and the fiddle all in the first week of January. What you should do, however, is challenge yourself to explore new topics and skills every week throughout the year. Try writing down three things that are interesting yet unfamiliar (even if they seem insignificant). Then, Google away!

2. Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Often. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. It’s how you’ll grow. It’s also how you improve in the areas that make you nervous. Not an excellent public speaker? Seize every opportunity to stand and speak in front of crowd. Don’t like traveling? Schedule a trip with a friend. You won’t find great success sitting on your cushy couch watching Netflix.

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3. Record Your Accomplishments — Big And Small

Every time you do something that makes you proud, be it knitting a scarf, having a good conversation with someone, or successfully tackling a work project, write it down to remind yourself how awesome you are.

4. Start Keeping a Detailed Planner

In said planner, document your to-dos, your goals and everything else that might be important. Putting your thoughts down in ink makes them more likely to become realities.

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5. Be prompt

There’s no excuse for being late in 2015. Get a watch. Set it. Boom.

6. Be Happy


Kids make it seem like being happy is so easy. Unfortunately, as we get older we typically lose the things that make happiness so easy — like living in the moment, being grateful for the little things and appreciating the people we have in our lives. Fortunately for you, these are all habits that you can re-infuse into your live with a little bit of practice and a lot of mindfulness.

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7. Go On a “Date” Once a Week

Mom, dad, grandma or your green-haired neighbor down the hall: interacting with people face-to-face outside of a work context is incredibly important for your self-worth. Meet up with someone each week to keep your positive vibes on high.

8. Send Cards to Friends and Family

If you can’t celebrate a birthday or accomplishment in person, send a card to show you care. You will benefit just as much as the recipient. Honestly, the warm feeling is worth the $0.50 for postage.

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9. Put Down Your Phone When Interacting With Someone Face-to-Face

Stop snapchatting mid-conversation. It’s rude and annoying. Your other friends can wait to hear that you’re “At the mall with Gwen! OMG.”

10. Think Outside of Social Media

Scared people won’t like your photo? Are you only helping granny cross the street so you can post about it later? Get your head out of social media, people. Come back to reality where people do nice things for the sole purpose of being nice. (Not so they can show off how generous and amazing they are via Facebook.)

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11. Be Healthy


Remember one word: moderation. Forget “diet,” “fast” and “marathon.” In 2015, moderation is your best friend. Yes, you can have that slice of cake. Yes, you can skip the gym tonight without feeling like a failure. Do all things in moderation and you will look and feel better.

12. Stretch Every Morning

When the alarm clock barks at you, assume a stretching position. Getting the blood flow activated and gently awakening your muscles is excellent for mind and body. Set a yoga mat next to your bed as a reminder.

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13. Get Quality Sleep

Stop falling asleep with the TV on. Turn out the lights, mute any noise and get at least seven hours of shut eye.

14. Swap A Book for Some of Your Usual TV Time

I know, Game of Thrones is so addicting. I also know that watching TV is not nearly as good for your brain as good, old-fashioned reading. Pick up a book and start reading for fun (yes, I said fun).

15. Drink Lots Of Water — Especially In The Morning

Hydrate your body just after waking, and don’t stop until the day is over. Water is our life source, a means of losing weight, and can even make you look younger and more refreshed. So get a heavy helping every day in 2015.

Put these resolutions into effect and 2015 is sure to blow past years out of the water. You won’t be starving yourself for weight loss, but rather enjoying cake (in moderation) and learning tons of new stuff. Who could say no to that? Overall, practicing these fifteen concepts will make 2015 your most successful, happy and healthy year yet.

Happy New Year!

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