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Aug. 14 2019, Published 6:15 a.m. ET

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Adulting. Need I say more? It’s tricky, confusing, and misleading but also the reality we will have for the rest of our lives. The responsibilities that come with being an adult may not be the easiest, but with these five apps, they can be.


Money is probably the most stressful aspect of being an adult. No longer is someone else  responsible for providing for you. With this helpful app, everything finance related becomes located in one place. After you input your information, you can track your credit score, account balances, and even set monthly financial goals. On average, the app received four out of five stars on Sitejabber with one user claiming, “provides its users with unrivaled value when it comes to first-glance data about their account standings and regular spending.” You spend enough time on your phone anyway, so use it to create a budget and save your coins.


Grocery shopping is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you are doing it last minute (and did not write a list). Thankfully, Capitan aims to prevent that. It’s a shopping list that learns your habits and favorite places to shop. In the long run, this saves you money and time down the road. Also, the app has geolocation technology which prompts you to buy items when you are near a place you usually shop at. Even when you cannot make it to the store, the app alerts family members of needed products so you are never missing an ingredient. A fellow user expressed, “Within the past year of using the app, I have yet to forget a single thing during my grocery store trips which saves me stress, money, and gas.”

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Learning a new language is a powerful skill that can help you understand the world better and raise your intelligence according to BeBrainFit. With Duolingo, you have over 30 language courses to choose from and get sent daily task reminders. The lessons are tailored to your personal learning style and you receive immediate grading. Learning another language also carries benefits like shielding against Alzheimer’s and improved brain functionality, says Spreeder. A former language instructor has added, “It’s a useful tool that helps students retain the language, and students are constantly on their phones anyway, so please use it!”

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Period Tracker

Most women can agree that our menstrual cycle is a dreadful experience. But, this app is a tool that can make it slightly more bearable. Period Tracker is loaded with numerous features that assist with that time of the month. By logging in your previous cycle dates, the app calculates your starting date for the upcoming month as well as ovulation days. You are also able to keep track of your mood, symptoms, and intimacy which will increase awareness of your overall health, claims HelloClue. My friend, Jasmine, has used this app since high school and states, “This app is extremely useful because it allows me to know what is going on with my body and understand my cycle better.”

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Mental health is an area that needs extreme attention in all of our lives. With the Sanvello app, you are able to do daily self-check ins, document your feelings, and meditate. According to Healthline, meditation reduces stress, and anxiety as well as lengthens the attention span. The article further states that meditation can reduce age-related memory loss and help fight addiction. Sanvello was recommended to me by a counselor in college who said, “This is an app that contains important tools to help daily with mental health and promotes a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle.” With stress constantly overtaking our days, this app is useful because you can meditate anywhere, anytime.

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Your health and well being are worth more than the your job, bank account, and social media. Figuring out how to take care of yourself is what adulting is all about. Since we are alive at the same time when phone apps are a thing, take advantage and make your life easier. Instead of giving your attention to apps that steal your time and energy, give it to apps that invest back into you.

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