7 Ways To Make Your Small Business Outshine The Competition

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Dec. 17 2020, Published 3:22 p.m. ET

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Every small business owner wants to run a successful and profitable business, but to achieve this isn’t always so easy as it is riddled with many challenges. To become a successful entrepreneur today goes way beyond having a fancy brand name and displaying what you do on social media. It requires a lot of planning, organizational skills, persistence, and some levels of patience.

So, are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Or do you feel like your small business is struggling to make any progress? Here are some tips to help you outshine the competition.

1. Focus on your customers

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It is one thing putting a lot of effort into your product and service, and quite another thing attracting potential customers to desire them. To succeed as a business owner, you need to tailor your products and services to your customers’ needs. Having a beautiful product without anyone interested in buying it is a complete waste of time, energy, and money. 

Besides creating products that address your customers’ specific needs, you should ensure that you treat your clients in a way that will keep them coming back. If you create poor client relations, customers are less likely to return to your business, no matter how good your product may be, especially first-time customers. 

2. Get the right talent

Your staff plays a massive role in keeping your customers happy and keeping your business running. That is why you must ensure that you hire the right people, especially those who will be the direct representatives of your business to your clients. Hiring the right talent means looking for more than just academic qualifications and years of experience. Employ individuals who seem to understand and are well suited to execute your business’s vision. Prepare properly structured interviews that seek to focus on your applicants’ strengths and how your business can benefit from them. Also, look for innovative minds and find out from your applicants what they can bring on board to help make your business stand out from the rest. 

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3. Motivate and protect your team

Motivated, safe, and talented staff can bring significant improvements to your business. Take the time to find out what inspires or motivates your team to bring out the best in them. An effective way to do this is by having regular staff meetings to listen to their insight. Pay attention to your employers, no matter the role they play within the business. Ensure that you provide a safe working environment for your team. Frequent job-related accidents also mean that productivity will be affected, which will translate into revenue loss. One way to ensure workplace safety is by training your supervisors to spot and prevent potential workplace dangers. For example, you can use DOT reasonable suspicion training for supervisors to identify signs and symptoms of alcohol use and drug abuse amongst your employees.

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Technology presents so many benefits to modern businesses. Besides automating some business operations to save time, technology helps speed up the production process. There are different kinds of software available for business owners; however, you must ensure that you select the right ones. For example, you can use online systems to simplify invoicing. The digital space has created various opportunities for businesses to interact with and find potential customers. Make your business easy to find with a well-planned website. You can also take advantage of social media and other online platforms to market your brand and help you reach out to a broader pool of potential customers. 

You can also use the same medium to help you cut down on your traditional communication expenses. Your tablet or smartphone can help you stay connected on-the-go and help you work remotely, adding some flexibility to your work schedules. Furthermore, you can also consider offsite or cloud storage either as a backup source to your primary storage or as an alternative. Cloud storage, for example, will not only offer you a safer storage system for your business files but will also make them available whenever and wherever you find yourself. 

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4. Build a strong support system

Every business needs a support system, especially when you’re operating as a lone wolf. No matter the experience you may have in your field, there always comes a time when you need others’ input to help you get through challenges. This can come from a trusted friend, your family, or a mentor. The most important thing is that such a support system helps renew your strength and give you the confidence you need when things aren’t going well in your business. Some can also give you the professional advice you need to steer yourself out of certain business difficulties.

5. Monitor new trends

No business can operate in isolation. Changes in the global landscape always have a way of shaping the business field and setting new trends. For example, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced so many businesses to implement different forms of remote working systems to help them adapt. Technology and business strategies keep evolving to meet the challenges of the times. Therefore, it is essential to stay updated on current trends and new developments in your industry. Even the things that do not appear necessary on the surface may have a way of impacting aspects of your business. 

6. Analyze your competition

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Believe it or not, you need healthy competition for your business to be better and produce results that outperform your competitors. Dedicate time to analyzing your competition, find out what they are doing differently and the results they are yielding. Learn what you can about any innovation they implement and find ways to make yours better. Not every strategy your competitors adopt may work for you. Therefore, do not copy blindly. Instead, analyze new developments to find out how you can improve upon it, so it works for you. 

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