Are You Introverted? These Jobs Are Perfect For Your Reserved Personality

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Sep. 12 2023, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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From interacting with clients to preparing for Zoom meetings, working can be quite a struggle as an introvert. This is because introverts tend to become drained after spending extended periods with other people, making performing specific jobs more difficult. But even if socializing at work sounds like a chore, you can still find a job suited to your unique personality. The best jobs for introverted people are right at your fingertips. And with a bit of research, you can find a job that pays the bills and helps you thrive.

The 9 Best Jobs for Introverted People

Finding the perfect job can be challenging as an introvert. From managing corporate meetings to preparing for client interactions, maintaining a career can be downright intimidating. But even though it can be awkward, there are quite a few jobs every introvert can appreciate. To learn which jobs could be a fit for you, here are the nine best jobs for introverted people:

1. Writer

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As a writer, you can work independently, away from others. In fact, working in solitude is even encouraged so you can complete and focus on the task at hand. Even better, there are multiple scopes of writing to uncover, from journalism to technical writing.

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2. Photographer

If you have an eye for detail, consider taking up photography. Photographers work independently to capture images. Even though many photographers interact with their subjects or clients throughout the process, they tend to work alone when editing their images.

3. Computer Programmer

Introverts have a tendency to spend much of their time in thought. If this is you, consider a future in programming. Programming requires a lot of logical thinking and attention to detail, which is perfect for the introvert who enjoys working alone.

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4. Researcher

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To become a researcher, you should enjoy diving deep into a range of topics on your own. Consider medical, market, and academic research fields, which are more likely to appeal to introverts.

5. Graphic Designer

Tap into your creative side with a career in graphic design. Graphic designers use their creativity to bring ideas and concepts to life. Even better, many designers work from home, so you can enjoy peace and quiet from the comfort of your home.

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6. Accountant

If you appreciate working with numbers, accounting is a popular job choice for introverts. Accountants stay busy organizing financial data, which means they have a limited need for social interactions in their everyday work.

7. Librarian

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Librarians work quietly to organize information resources. Keep in mind, though, that librarians DO help people find books and other information when necessary, so if you prefer very minimal social contact, this could be the job for you.

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8. Archaeologist

Are you a natural history enthusiast? If so, a career in archaeology could be a perfect fit! Archaeologists manage much of their fieldwork away from others, examining historical artifacts and performing quiet research.

9. Medical Records Technician

As a medical records tech, you can organize and maintain important hospital health information data. Many medical record techs work indoors, away from patients, so you can expect minimal patient interaction.

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