Listen Up: 10 Black Women Financial Podcasters To Add To Your Watchlist

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Jun. 14 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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Podcasting is a form of entertainment that continues to grow in popularity. Some of the most popular podcasts garner millions of listeners in a single episode. However, when you look at the top podcasters in the nation, women — and especially Black women — are often left out of the conversation. Despite the snub, many Black women financial podcasters are making waves in the industry. Although their stories are underrepresented, these women podcasters have made lasting contributions to the space that match and surpass their male counterparts.

As the economic landscape shifts, more Black women financial podcasters are emerging within the podcasting space. Here are 10 Black women financial podcasters to explore that can help you create a healthy financial future.

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1. The Purpose of Money

The Purpose of Money” is a podcast for women on a mission to create financial freedom for themselves. Hosted by Acquania Escarne, each episode offers incredible insights and advice from other women on their journey toward financial freedom. From retirement advice to tips for navigating employer benefits, this talk show has all the tools you need to release yourself from financial burden.

2. Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition” is a personal finance podcast hosted by friends Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche to help you build wealth “unapologetically.” Every Wednesday, the dynamic duo teaches listeners tips about saving and investing for a better financial future. As a result of its success, “Brown Ambition” has been featured in many major publications, from Business Insider to Time magazine.

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3. Staying in the Black

Hosted by Ms. Black, the “Staying in the Black” podcast is for teachers interested in managing their money using the eight key principles. It covers everything from debt management to explaining teacher-specific financial tools, such as pensions or Deferred Compensation 457.

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4. Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch,” with certified financial education instructor Jamila Souffrant, takes listeners on a deep dive through various financial topics. Jamila advises on everything from how to budget to how to build wealth. When you visit her website, you can take a free assessment to learn where you are in your financial freedom journey and where to go.

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5. Rich by Intention

Rich by Intention” is a rising podcast hosted by husband and wife tag-team Anjie and RJ. The podcast show teaches listeners how to manage money to create a better present and future, not only for themselves but for their partners, too.

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6. Black Girl Budget

The “Black Girl Budget” podcast is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to take control of their finances. Hosted by Nicole Donnell, this podcast talks about everything from how to spend money on groceries to how to maximize your retirement savings.

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7. Michelle is Money Hungry

Hosted by Michelle Jackson, “Michelle is Money Hungry” is a podcast that teaches listeners the necessary steps to enact change in their financial journeys. From conversations about Bitcoin to interviews with experts, this podcast is worth a listen if you want to take the next step in building wealth.

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8. Don’t Go Broke Trying

Don’t Go Broke Trying,” hosted by Reni the Resource, is a must-listen for anyone new to personal finance. The podcast streamlines complicated financial concepts for a better understanding. Plus, Reni shares easy strategies for listeners to incorporate to achieve a more prosperous financial future.

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9. Broke-ish

Broke-ish” is a podcast hosted by friends Amber Sims and Erika Brown. In each episode, the two leading women get deep about their finances and how it relates to being Black in America. From capitalism to reparations, there’s nothing these two won’t cover. The best part? Their friendly banter and quick wit will leave you wanting more.

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10. Money Moves

Money Moves” is an informative podcast hosted by Lauren Simmons, who became the youngest New York Stock Exchange trader at 23. Each week, Lauren offers her best advice on various topics related to financial literacy. From debunking money myths to navigating cannabis stocks, Money Moves has everything you need to increase your income for a brighter future.

Remember, this list only showcases a small number of notable women podcasters. Moreover, this highlights that women are slowly changing and influencing the podcast world. We’re hopeful that women will continue to put their best foot forward.

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By: Brittni Williams

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