Building Stamina: Late Nights, Early Mornings

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Jan. 7 2013, Published 9:13 a.m. ET

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They train their bodies to balance on five inch stilettos or speed walk in the perfect flats. Coffee mugs, genuine leather bags and smart phones help them build their muscle. Millennial women are the new athletes on the court. Deeply passionate about their careers and maintaining pleasurable lives, they’re teetering between sunrise and sunset, coffees and cocktails.

In a generation where doing “nothing” is unacceptable, Millennial women can be found shifting themselves into overdrive; leaving no room on their iCal or Google Calendar for personal development. Life Coach Gabrielle Bernstein knows that precarious tale too well. She became the founder of a Public Relations firm in New York City after she graduated from Syracuse University in 2001. Her firm was based on promoting the city’s trendy night scene; by the age of 25, Bernstein stated she was “addicted to work, food, love and drugs.” Most young women can relate to this; the journey to finding the perfect coping mechanisms to go with their fabulous professions and lifestyles generally leaves them feeling burned out.

Larissa Faw of Forbes Magazine states: “It seems relaxation is something Millennial women have never experienced. One reason that women are burning out early in their careers is that they have simply reached their breaking point after spending their childhoods developing well-rounded resumes.”

Melanie Shreffler of youth marketing blog Ypulse believes, “These women worked like crazy in school, and in college, and then they get into the workforce and they are exhausted.” Shreffler also states: “It’s impossible to see what life will be like in 20 years these days. It’s hard to look just 3-4 years in the future. Women don’t know what they are striving for, which makes it really hard to move forward.”

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It is usually stated by employers, young professionals are not prepared for the real world due to college being an academic playground. The cycle of all-nighters, afternoon naps and spontaneous bar scene becomes non-existent once one enters corporate life.  Graduates have studied and earned the right to make their mark on the career ladder but they were not taught to the find the necessary medium between their social and career identities. This medium is based on energy; it is the stamina one must create for herself. After listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s successful lecture on “Falling in Love with Your Future,” here are three keys to unlock the vigor underneath the manicured nails and freshly glossed lips.

1) Breathe Deeply.

It seems ridiculous and unnecessary but when asked to take in a deep breath, one might realize how tense she really is. Once a woman turns the age of 21, she begins to have more serious conversations about finances, academia and love. These topics do not allow you to do much breathing because of the effort made in finding the right answer instead of living your way into the answer.

2) Find Your Qualifier

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Honestly ask yourself, what is deemed a priority at your current age? Women have been taught to be productive in these critical years yet they miss the boat on invaluable job opportunities, relationships and friendships. Learn what your risk management style is and what/who makes you think and feel differently. A part of growing up is not having a stagnant life or expecting the same events to occur. Change your weekly norm and trade in the three Ds (dinner, dancing and drinks) for a class in the arts or new sport. Both will help you become rich personally and may increase your networking opportunities.

3) What is Your Location?

Where you are at defines who you are. Are you still running around with the sixteen year old infatuation bug? Bernstein explains this to be one searching for the temporary high in everything/one she meets. The need for this is rampant because of the fear behind women not being able to have it all. Surrender your fear and locate your needs. You will be able to clear away sources that deplete your energy. This allows for women to stay present when in social/professional settings as well as maintain a positive mind-set.

When asked, “What tips help you create a balance between your social and career lives?” these millennial women responded:

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“I have a lot of friends that are in the same career. It’s easier because we’re able to understand each other and we pretty much have similar work schedules, leaving an open window for socializing!” – Adria S., Music Educator/Musician

“I try to listen to my body first, physically and mentally, and then decide the next steps. You have to make time for yourself, so decide what that means to you. To maintain focus at work I try to think of it as something that I am adding value to. I also try to switch between tasks, when that option is available.”- Fiona H., Health Services Representative

“Well, my career depends on my social life so networking is key! Also, I learned that it’s important to follow up with people and also use social media to my advantage.” Youndlyn M., Music and Media Analyst/Songwriter

The constant shift between work and play can make life feel like a blur. It is important to create boundaries because spreading yourself too thin will never increase your chances of a promotion or advancement in your personal life. It will make your early morning sweeter and late night richer.

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