Add These Career-Boosting Affirmations To Your Morning Routine

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Jun. 26 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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Oftentimes, how we view ourselves is also how we speak to ourselves, and this can overflow into areas of our lives such as work. Stated by The National Science Foundation, 85% of our thoughts are negative, and 95% of our thoughts are repetitive. If you take a moment to reflect on what you say to yourself subconsciously, what do you think would be revealed? More importantly, can the way we speak to ourselves change to be more positive? 

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Source: Pexels

According to Health, there’s no set day number for a new habit/routine to take root, but consistency certainly helps when it comes to retraining your brain and overall mindset. To help combat the negative conversations many can have with themselves, we set out to find 10 of the most positive affirmations you can say to yourself in the morning before heading off to work.

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1. Today Is The Perfect Day To Start Working On What You Want.

Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker, says it best when it comes to succeeding in the ambitions of your choice. If you’re unhappy on your current career path, then let this morning’s affirmation help get you on track to better serving yourself and the goals you want to achieve. It’s easy to fall into a bit of a career rut, and so this will help kick start you in the right direction.

2. My Ability To Overcome Today’s Challenges Are Limitless.

No matter the difficulty you may be facing, you can certainly handle whatever is thrown your direction. It may not feel easy, but this affirmation will help you know that it’s possible to overcome it.

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3. You’re One Step Closer From Everybody Acting Like They Supported You From The Start.

Not every person in your life may understand your goals, and in some cases they may not accept them to be valid. Let this morning affirmation allow you to get into the mindset that you can still achieve your desires without the validation of others.

4. I Unapologetically Claim What I Want And My Energy Is Irresistible To My Desires. 

Kathrin Zenkina, a manifestation expert, provides several affirmations and manifestation tips on her social media pages— which go hand-in-hand. This affirmation specifically is great because it not only can be used for career goals, but it can also be used for other areas of your life such as family or finances. 

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5. I Attract The Right Career Opportunities With Ease. 

This allows you to frame your mind around the idea that not all career goals or opportunities have to be so difficult to achieve. They can flow to us as long as we allow them to do so.

6. You Are Going Somewhere Worth Going. 

Laura Girard, an online fitness coach, brings up the important conversation that not all journeys are what we initially envision. The goal may be the same, but the path it takes to get there may be different. This affirmation states that no matter what, where you want to go with your career is worth it.

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7. My Potential To Succeed Is Limitless.

The only person who can put limits on yourself is you. By stating this affirmation in the morning, you’re able to take away any restrictions you’ve placed on yourself.

8. My Employer Is Grateful For My Contributions.

If you’re anxious that you’re not doing enough or performing to maximum capacity at work, then this one’s for you. Help shift your thoughts into thinking that you are doing plenty during the working hours to relieve any unnecessary stress or self-doubt.

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9. I Am Confident To Speak Up And Share My Ideas.

Have some thoughts you’d like to contribute but are a little nervous they’ll be rejected? Help overcome this fear with positive self-talk. You may just have the next best idea for your team.

10. I Am Worthy To Have Be Financially Abundant With Any Career Path I Choose.

To say that your career dreams won’t be financially lucrative is a limiting belief that can be broken with this positive affirmation. You can achieve money stability and prosper in any chosen field.

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By: Taylor Bushey

A New Yorker turned Londoner, Taylor Bushey is a motivated business professional who has worn several career hats over the last few years. After leaving her most recent employment journey in the financial industry, she has re-engaged with her roots of writing, marketing, and content creation. She’s now a full-time freelance writer and content creator. Taylor covers lifestyle, careers, fashion, beauty, home, and wellness. Her work has been featured on CNN Underscored, Cosmopolitan, FinanceBuzz, Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, and more. If she's not sipping an iced latte and writing away in a local coffee shop, she's most likely thrift shopping for a cool, rare find or planning out her next travel itinerary.

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