9 COVID-19 Related Interview Questions To Ask Prospective Employers

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Jan. 25 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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In a post-pandemic era, with many employers implementing hybrid programs and others back to working in-office, it’s crucial to get a jump on COVID-19-related interview questions to ask prospective employers.

As new coronavirus variants capture public attention, images of positive test results circulate on social media, and hospitalizations rise, experts caution that COVID-19 is here to stay.

In a September 2023 article in The Washington Post, Scott Lockard, health director of the Kentucky River District Health Department, shared the importance of protecting yourself.

“Pretty much my message is: If you’re in a mass gathering, you’re likely to come in contact with someone who has COVID right now in our area,” Lockard said. “So protect yourself accordingly.”

He continued: “We’re in a very different place than we were in 2020 and 2021, so we’re treating it very differently than we did then. For the most part, coming down with COVID-19 is not as severe as it once was. That being said, there’s just so much that we have yet to learn about the long-term impacts of COVID-19.”

If you’re seeking your next career opportunity and are curious about how a potential employer has adjusted its operations in response to the lingering effects of the global pandemic, consider asking these COVID-19-related interview questions during your job search.

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General Questions To Consider

Keep the following questions in mind when considering an in-office role:

1. How has the pandemic affected the company’s business strategy and goals?

2. What safety measures and protocols has the company implemented to ensure a safe working environment for employees?

3. Can you discuss any challenges the company has faced due to the pandemic and how it has overcome them?

We’ve all had experiences, good and bad. With that in mind, it’s best to always keep your opinions about company COVID-19 protocols to yourself. 

“No matter how unsatisfactory…your ex-employers’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you should never share how you feel about it with your potential employer,” Jaya Dass, managing director at human resource consultancy Randstad Singapore, told CBNC. “Even if you had good intentions, your interviewer will develop a negative perception of you and would prefer not to hire you to protect the organizational culture.”

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Remote Work Questions To Consider

When considering a remote role, keep the following questions top of mind:

1. Can you elaborate on the remote work policies and support the company has in place amid ongoing concerns of further outbreaks?

Note: Go a step further and ask something along the lines of: “As an illustration, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advises employers to ‘inform and encourage employees to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 if they suspect possible exposure.’ I’m curious if your administration adheres to similar protocols?”

2. How do you foster team collaboration and maintain company culture in a remote work environment?

3. What technology or tools does the company use to facilitate remote work and communication among team members?

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Hybrid Work Questions To Consider

Applying for a hybrid position? Add the following questions to your list for prospective employers:

1. How does the company adapt and stay informed about the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19?

2. Have there been changes in the company’s approach to employee training and professional development in light of the pandemic?

3. How has the company supported employee well-being and mental health during these challenging times?

Navigating COVID-19-related interview questions can be tricky to master. However, by asking the questions above during your job search, you will obtain the answers you need without leaving a poor impression on prospective employers.

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