David Lynch Foundation Panel Recap: ‘Stress is the black plague of the 21st century’

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Oct. 11 2013, Published 11:54 a.m. ET

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From classes to internships, to full time jobs to ‘see you at 8 for dinner,’ millennial women always have a lot going on. There never seems to be any time just stop and think.To put it simply we are stressed.

So what is a girl to do? Well, the David Lynch Foundation hopes you will try ‘Transcendental Meditation.’ The technique is described as natural and effortless. This form of meditation allows you to connect with the deep calm that is already with in your mind. It provides a space for peace and an outlet for stress.It is usually practiced twice a day for 20 mins.

Earlier this week, the David Lynch foundation hosted a panel on the benefits of transcendental meditation for victims of domestic violence, veterans, children, and of course busy career driven women.

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Bob Roth the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation opened the event by saying “Stress is the black plague of the 21st century.”

Her Agenda was on hand for the discussion that featured our favorite 27-year-old writer/producer/actress Lena Dunham who has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since age 9 after she was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.

During the panel Dunham shared “meditation made it possible for me to weather storms and incredible challenges in life.”

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After the panel Her Agenda was able to speak with Carol Kurzig, President of the Avon Foundation for Women. Together with the David Lynch Foundation and the NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, Carol has brought the practice of Transcendental Meditation to domestic violence victims. She offered some words on how Transcendental Meditation can benefit busy millennial women:

Her Agenda: What impact has your partnership with the David Lynch Foundation had in the lives in younger women?

Carol Kurzig: Do you know that women age 18-24 are the most frequent victims of dating abuse/ partner violence? This is a huge young women’s issue. The data is showing that Transcendental Meditation is helpful to victims of trauma.

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HA: When you hear the term work life balance what comes to mind? How does Transcendental Meditation help with that?

CK: Work life balance changes everyday. At certain [times] the emphasis will be work, sometimes it will be family, sometimes friends. Transcendental Meditation helps achieve the balance on a daily basis among those different priorities in women’s lives. We all try to do a lot. We have to prioritize daily.

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HA: What are some ways young women can incorporate meditation into their busy schedules?

CK: Anytime you want to introduce something new into your life you have to make trade-offs and decisions. Transcendental Meditation expands your capability to do more.

HerAgenda also had the chance to speak with Bob Roth the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation. He shared some insights on how to think about the practice in your everyday lives.

“Forget the word meditation,” explained Roth. “Here’s a technique any young woman can do where they get deep relaxation, your mind is settled and wide awake. You are less stressed and more energetic.”

Check out some of the most tweetable moments from the luncheon below:

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By: Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson is an Educator and Podcaster based in New York City. Immensely interested in dynamic and evolving role of women in the 21 century she love writing about game changing women for Her Agenda.  When not molding the next generation, she is connecting with and learning from fellow millennials. Follow her @getcaughtuppod across all social channels.

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