Entrepreneur & World Traveler Sabrina Philipp Wants You To Be Free

Sabrina Phillipp


Aug. 6 2019, Published 6:10 a.m. ET

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Sabrina Philipp is an entrepreneur and coach that has scaled her online business tremendously, allowing her to become a 25 year old millionaire within a three year period. This path to success was not always smooth. At 22 years old, when Philipp decided to move to Bali with $800 in her pocket, she found a way to manifest the spiritual influences of her life. Philipp develops programs that empower women to counteract restrictive cultural narratives by building their own businesses for financial freedom. Her vision is big, and she wants you to feel it is possible for yours to be as well.

“I’m really motivated by getting money into the hands of women, and I really think that a lot of the global and domestic issues that we see are caused by society undervaluing women, [not] educating women, and not respecting their bodies or paying them equally”, Philipp shared.

Sabrina Phillipp
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What’s even more impressive, Philipp does this while traveling the world. After living in Bali for the past three years, Philipp is now on a world tour. From Montreal to hosting retreats in Cabo and Italy, and then back to the United States where she will launch a three-day business conference in Florida. With her laptop in tow, and the support of her boyfriend and global community of friends, she is challenging the notion that there is only one way to experience life. “We all have our own realities and identities,” said Philipp. Her connection to the world was undoubtedly influenced by her childhood, as she was born in Germany, moved to the United States at four years old, never lived in one place for more than two years, and studied abroad in Morocco. Then, after six months in an ashram, her life transformed. 

Sabrina Phillipp
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As a teenager, Philipp struggled with her mental wellness. After her mother’s second divorce, Philipp stopped trying in school and eventually experienced depression. When a difficult undergraduate semester led to a six-month withdrawing, Philipp attended a one-month yoga teacher training program in a Hindu ashram in the Bahamas. At first she resisted, but when her instructor confronted her by saying, “You have the biggest ego I’ve ever seen”, she shifted drastically. Philipp realized she had been putting on many identities: the perfect child, the “black sheep”, and the “victim”. Working to shed this, she became a staff member and stayed an additional five months. Her experience was life changing. Now, Philipp’s business content is influenced by these learned philosophies and an awareness of our relation to a higher consciousness.

“Everything that we see is just a product of our beliefs,” says Philipp. On this point, Philipp offers three meditative practices to ask yourself when starting your day:

1.What are three things that you’re grateful for?

2.What are three things that you desire from this day?

3. What are three things you need to do to be successful?

Using Philipp’s 3-3-3 method is a practice of introspection, and an exercise of grounding your worthiness. To support this, Philipp also offers some gems of wisdom for your journeys:

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  • Invest in long-term relationships. Philipp shared that she has worked with the same coach, now close friend,  for more than two years to support her own growth. Allow yourself to truly experience life with others, and you’ll find that there is “someone that can meet you at every level.”
  • “You have to see what’s not there yet.”  Everyone can be an entrepreneur, but not everyone will. Philipp admits this requires vulnerability, discipline, and self-belief, but as we move towards an increasingly remote global economy, it will have its benefits.
  • “If you find yourself, you’ll find your career.” Traveling is something you will never regret doing, so don’t be afraid to take risks in this pursuit of self. 
  • “Keep telling yourself your own truth.” This is advice Philipp had for her younger self, and one that you can adapt. To Philipp, your truth is your “guiding post”.
Sabrina Phillipp

So what’s next for Philipp? It’s better to ask, what’s next for us all? Service to others is Philipp’s own guiding post. “Everything has to come from a place of service and genuinely wanting to help people reach their goals.” So what makes you curious, or even emboldened, that you want to see changed in the world?

As Philipp continues her work to amplify the voices of women, she also reflects on such questions. “I have to completely re-frame my perception of what’s possible every time this business grows.” In the same way, allow yourself to re-frame your perception of what’s possible. And, if you’re interested in being in an empowering community while you do it, take a look at some of her programs to awaken your spirit of freedom.

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By: Tiffany Curtis

Tiffany is a certified transformational coach and facilitator, currently living in Rwanda. Her work is driven by building sacred communities inspired by the intersections of equity, diasporic identity, dialogue, spirituality, and mental wellness. To learn about her latest programming, take a look at her website (; or connect through Instagram (@tiffanyacurtis) and Twitter (_tiffanyacurtis).

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