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Five Hacks To Make This School Year Revolutionary


Sep. 6 2019, Published 8:30 a.m. ET

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Going back to school is a part of the year that is met with a mix of dread and excitement. Every school year is different. You are met with new classes, different scenarios, and hopefully interesting information. When the school year begins, we are bright eyed about our goals that are disregarded by the end of September. For my fellow college students, whether undergraduate or graduate, I gathered some tips to make life smoother. Instead of allowing another year to pass you by, use these hacks to make this year your best yet.

Join A Club Or Organization

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Yeah, I know, college does not always grant you the time to pick up additional hobbies. From pursuing a full course load, working simultaneously, or being a parent, the possibility of exploring your interests is slim. Luckily, your school probably provides dozens of extracurricular activities waiting to teach you new things and connect you to new people. From Greek-letter organizations to social, academic, and professional clubs, finding a community provides chances for on-campus networking and is a great resume booster.

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Edit Your Wardrobe

Back to school shopping is not required, but it can definitely be a confidence booster. During the typical ages that we pursue education, our bodies and styles are evolving, adjusting, and growing out of last year’s trends. Since tailoring is not the best economical option for students, try buying sizes and pieces that reflect your current style. For low-priced, quality items go to your local thrift shop, Target, or stalk your favorite stores for upcoming sales. Another helpful, inexpensive method is online shopping. From online retailers such as Zara, Asos, and Rent The Runway, slaying the school year will be effortless and budget friendly. Remember that no one knows the price or size of your clothes but you.

Use A Planner

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A planner is an inexpensive version of a personal assistant. Through various to-do lists, calendars, and more, one is able to compartmentalize their life and engage their day with productivity. According to Psychology Today, a multitude of health benefits are associated with using a planner including stress relief and artistic opportunities. Time is all we have and by managing it effectively one is able to give their energy where it is most important.

End Procrastination

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Life is too short to experience heart palpitations from doing a ten-page paper the day its due. Completing homework and studying are not only beneficial to your grade but also to your brain. At the core of procrastination is fear and a way of protecting ourselves from emotional toil, but breaking responsibilities into smaller tasks is a great step, says Forbes. Since I started college, I can’t recall the number of times I watched YouTube videos instead of studying or finishing an assignment. Due to everything pile up toward the due date, I became extremely irritable and stressed. You will have plenty of time to catch up on entertainment and after you have fulfilled your responsibilities; it might be even more rewarding.

Set Goals

I remember dreaming about earning a 4.0 GPA every semester and planning how I was going to get it. While it did not usually work out, I always came close to it because I aimed high. According to Code of Living, setting goals gives you focus, allows you to measure your progress, and give you motivation. Our daily lives are a result of the habits we have set for ourselves and making time for our goals will result in success.

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Instead of approaching this upcoming school year with apprehension, take it head on. This is a new academic year filled with knowledge, opportunities, and growth. Learning is the most powerful action you can pursue because your mind is the only asset that can never be taken away.

Her Agenda wishes all students luck with the upcoming school year!

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By: Desjah Altvater

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