Four Tech Related To Do’s For This Year

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Feb. 15 2021, Published 11:16 a.m. ET

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Technology is a big and ever-growing part of our lives and always will be. It can make our lives easier, have things done quickly and give us access to things we wouldn’t have otherwise. We all are on our phones, computers, and tablets daily but sometimes it can become messy and stressful to try and use them with so much going on. Our brains are on alert all the time and just waiting for notifications. It can also make us unproductive in ways as we allow notifications to pull us from what we are doing. 

Unsubscribe From Email Lists

You can wake up some days with 20+ emails of just nonsense. Newsletters we signed up to so we can enter an online competition, something we used to be interested in but just isn’t anymore, and some that we don’t even remember signing up to. Give yourself an hour or so and just go through your inbox. Comb through all the emails and junk you get and unsubscribe from things that aren’t adding value to you. It is wasting space in your inbox and time for you having to open them all the time. 

Move Photos From Your Phone

From time to time we all get those constant annoying messages on their phone telling them they are running out of space or that they need to delete some stuff to take more pictures and videos. If you know how to upload photos from iPhone to iCloud then it can save you from getting this. You can sign up and buy more space on the cloud leaving your phone free to do whatever you want without interruption. You can also then keep all the important images and videos you need to. 

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Organize Your Apps

Another issue on our phones is all the available apps, there are just so many, games, exercise apps, recipe apps. You name it there is an app for it. We can find ourselves downloading apps and then never using them again but they just sit there on the phone taking up space. Give yourself a bit of time and go through all your apps and delete ones you have never used or don’t see yourself using again. Then you can put them into neat little folders, like games, finance, and socials. It’ll keep your phone with a good amount of space and also be easier to use and nicer to look at.

Change Up Your Workspace

Where you work when on your tech is one of the biggest make or breaks on how motivated you can be. Make sure you aren’t near a TV or always keep it off as having too much tech and screens around can keep you distracted. Make sure you also have the tech accessories you need with you when at your desk, things like chargers, a USB mug warmer, and your wireless mouse. You can then work with ease and be as productive as possible while sitting at your laptop getting things done!

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