4 Fun And Educational Activities To Celebrate Women’s History Month With Your Kids

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Mar. 22 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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During my time as a teacher, I looked forward to Women’s History Month because it allowed me to have real conversations with my students about equity and inclusion. Hearing them share their feelings and question the status quo always gave me hope. 

These types of conversations are essential because gender inequity is an issue we continue to battle in today’s society, not just for ourselves, but for future generations of women. With this year’s theme being “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” there’s no better time for educating the next generation.

By engaging our children in conversations about women’s impact on society, we can empower them with valuable knowledge that they can use to advocate for equality. Children can learn about the tremendous contributions of women, more deeply appreciating and valuing the impact women have had and continue to have in the world. Here are a few fun ways to do that at home: 

Movie Night

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If you’re not sure how to start a conversation, films can be an excellent entry point. There’s something about movies that makes it easier to talk about important and serious topics without having your children feel uncomfortable.

Organize a family movie night, complete with snacks, and choose an age-appropriate movie, such as Moana (for ages 6 and up), Hidden Figures (for ages 10 and up), or Barbie (for ages 11 and up). All three movies touch upon themes of inequity and the importance of empowerment but you can find many other great options with a simple Google Search. 

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During or after the movie, ask your children what they thought of the character’s problems or how they were treated, paving the way for an open conversation about how inequities exist in society and what can be done about them.

Girl Power Karaoke

For those who are more musically inclined, a karaoke night can be a fun way to start the conversation. Create a family song list for your children to choose from or make it a little more interesting by asking everyone to pick a song that they feel represents girl power or empowerment. 

Take the time to talk about the meaning behind the songs in between performances. Keep things fun by having an awards ceremony at the end for best performance, most inspiring song, and girl power anthem.

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Get Moving

Get your children excited about women’s history and empowerment with activities such as walks for a cause. History shows us that changemakers take action; your children can too.

Participate in’s Walk for Women, whose mission is to invest in gender equality through education. Talk about gender equality with your children, making sure they know what it is and why it’s important before setting a walking goal. To build the excitement, share why you and your children support women on social media using the #WhyIWalk hashtag. Your children can make posters and your walk can be as simple as a loop around your local park, but the impact will be there.

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Source: Pexels
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Unleash Creativity

If your children enjoy arts and crafts, channel that creativity while also emphasizing the importance of speaking up. For younger children, consider using a fun educational video to help explain how women have used their voices for change first. With older children, you can share your feelings about what it means to be a woman today, women who inspire you, and how you hope your children will embrace and advocate for equality.

Activities can include collages focused on how your children can support equity and inclusion, pennants celebrating inspiring women changemakers, or letters of appreciation to women your children admire. 

Whichever activity you choose, just remember to ground it in open conversation about equity, diversity, and inclusion and how women have fought and continue to fight for a better, more equitable society.

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Marta Kargol
By: Marta Kargol

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