Her Agenda Founder Rhonesha Byng Appears On Fox 5 NY


Nov. 19 2019, Published 7:46 a.m. ET

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I’ve known since I was a little girl that my reason for existing on this earth was to use the power of media to change the world.

That’s very broad, and as I’ve gotten older my scope and focus has narrowed to focus on women and gender equality. There is power in the journey when you allow yourself to be purpose-led.

For me, the spark that led to me discovering my purpose started with the declaration that I would be on TV one day. I was 8 years old. Fast forward, to 2019, at 30 years old, I made my first live TV appearance as a guest on Fox 5 NY.

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Being an entrepreneur is not all about these moments of shine, for me it’s deeper than that. Whenever I speak or appear on a list, or I am featured somewhere, the visibility gets me closer to fulfilling my mission. Ultimately, I want to reframe how the world sees ambitious women, and how ambitious women see themselves.

Often ambitious women are punished for it, and it’s been proven that society bets on the potential of men, while women have to continue to prove themselves. Well, through the media and storytelling, I am screaming at the world, HERE IS THE PROOF! Now, give us what we deserve. The pay we deserve, the opportunities we deserve, the access we deserve to achieve our goals.

I am grateful for moments like this (watch the video above!) that allow me to amplify this message. Since launching in 2008 as one of the first digital media platforms to focus on women, we’ve impacted hundreds of thousands of women’s lives. From getting started to getting to the next level, Her Agenda has worked to provide both the inspiration and the information needed to assist in that journey. And for those who need mentorship, or want more insider access, we launched a private digital community called HER AGENDA INSIDERS. The subscribers live all over the country, work in multiple industries, but are united in their mindset of lifting as they climb. One user once referred to us as a career GPS.

Now, let’s guide the world toward achieving the biggest goal of all: gender equality. There’s still more to be done.


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