How Self Care Leads To Confidence In The Workplace



Oct. 30 2020, Published 8:29 a.m. ET

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Possessing high self-esteem is the result of a limited difference between the real self and the ideal self. It means knowing how to recognize that you have both strengths and weaknesses, striving to improve your weaknesses, appreciating your strengths. All this emphasizes a greater openness to the environment, greater autonomy, and greater confidence in one’s abilities. People with high self-esteem demonstrate more extraordinary perseverance in succeeding in an activity they are passionate about or achieving a goal they care about and are less determined in an area in which they have invested little. These are people more likely to relativize a failure and engage in new ventures that help them forget.


On the contrary, low self-esteem can reduce participation and low enthusiasm, which materializes in demotivation. Only your weaknesses are recognized, while your strengths are neglected. Often there is a tendency to escape from the most trivial situations for fear of rejection by others. We are more vulnerable and less autonomous. People with low self-esteem give up much more quickly when it comes to achieving a goal, especially if they run into difficulties or feel contrary to what they think. In the workplace, it can leave you feeling inadequate and unable to pursue what you truly want. Think again. It’s time to reset things.

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So what can we do about it? 

Self-care should always be implemented when we overwork ourselves. Our bodies, and our minds tire easily. Add this to the stresses of life, hormones, and other issues, and we can quickly become wiped out. This leads to inefficiency, which leads to feeling incredibly unsettled about things. With simple tips, you can learn to rewire your mind. 

  • Undertake a path of personal growth at 360 ° 
  • Work on your strengths 
  • Learn from your mistakes 
  • Learn new tools for managing emotions and thoughts to reduce their impact on your life choices 
  • Consider different points of view 
  • Learn to love yourself and take care of yourself 
  • Appreciate your qualities 
  • Improve your life 
  • Increase the sense of self-efficacy
  • Enhance transversal skills such as effective communication and assertiveness

Self-care comes in many different forms because each one of us sees care subjectively. Some may believe self-care is sleeping for the weekend; others may see self-care as a spa day or a day painting. Either way, though, it relies on one thing…contentment. Add a little sprinkle of cheer around your home to lift the spirits. It is said that flower arrangements can have a positive impact on our mood. The colors and scents that we choose can elevate our minds and create a generally more content atmosphere. 

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Affirmations – how they can be adapted to your personal and professional life.

Let’s start with affirmations. Affirmations are, essentially, self-fulfilling compliments. Others may praise us, but to build genuine self-love, we need to learn to praise ourselves. Affirmations help us recognize our gifts without relying on others to show them to us. Being able to embrace our strengths and goodness without others’ approval is the first step towards fearless self-love, which will contribute to a more confident state of being at work. Affirmations are a gentle and excellent introduction to an ascent to a higher state. Affirmations work to help increase your self-esteem, which in turn contributes to that goal of fearless goals. Affirmations can be made in many ways and as often as you like. You can say affirmations to yourself in the mirror, you can write post-it notes and put them around the house, or you can tell yourself in your mind by yourself. They really work.

Challenge social expectations

Social influence is subtle and powerful. How often do we find ourselves parodying the feelings we feel in everyday life, from family, friends, or even marketing, without considering their implications or discussing our honest feelings around those opinions? 

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Social influence can be positive, but when we experience the adverse effects of social influence, our self-love and happiness can collapse. Let’s consider some ways we have experienced social influence. Maybe we chose a particular hairstyle, clothing style, or even career to feel like we fit in with a particular group. Maybe family, friends, or society as a whole pushes a standard we know we disapprove of. Perhaps we, too, have been thrown into the trenches of unrealistic standards for themselves. These examples of social influence may seem harmless, but they have set the stage for inauthentic living. It is well known that seeking the approval of others is a losing game. If we accept the unrealistic standards imposed on us by others, we risk causing a downward spiral of personal shame and hatred for not having reached this standard. Whenever we change our core desires to please others, we slowly deny ourselves love and happiness.

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Build your strengths

If social influence plays a role in shaping our motivations, we risk focusing our attention on areas that may not honor our unique gifts. If we invest all our energy in searching for a sport, a career, or even a life path, we must make sure that these choices are aligned with our core beliefs and values and our real strengths.

We often work to build talent that may not be meaningful to us. Society continually sends subliminal messages about the ideal living situation and how we should all try to achieve the various aspects of that lifestyle, including which sports to play and which careers to choose. Perhaps, though, our true selves would be unhappy if those life circumstances were realized. Each person is unique in their needs and desires, as well as their strengths. Each person has different values ​​of what makes life whole and content. Still, society insists that each person and their desires, goals, and talents are the same. This is not true. The commitment to fearless self-love asks you to take a personal inventory of your true desires and your true talents. Your working life can continue to blossom, but it all begins with that first step of self-care and a positive mindset. 

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