How To Avoid Delays When Delivering Work For Clients


Sep. 20 2019, Published 11:17 a.m. ET

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When you’re carrying out work for a client, it’s not uncommon to fall behind. But when that happens, the project gets delayed and the client becomes disappointed. Clearly, that’s not a situation you want to put yourself in. Sometimes, these delays can seem unavoidable, but is that really true?

In reality, there are lots of steps you can take to avoid unnecessary delays. It’s simply a case of doing the right things and not putting yourself in a situation where delays become likely. Read on to find out about some of the things that’ll help you stay on track.

Plan and Prepare

Avoiding delays is made easier when you plan ahead and prepare as much as possible. When you do this, you’ll be able to focus on what needs to happen and which approach needs to be taken before you get started on the work.

Preparation and planning will allow you to have a solid framework for what needs to happen. You can then use that preparation and follow the plans you’ve created throughout the whole process, using it as a guide.

Interact with the Client

Staying in regular contact with the client is also a good idea. It might sound like extra work at first, but it’ll actually save you a lot of time and effort, as well as avoid delays. When you stay in contact with them, you’ll be able to stay on top of their changing needs and understand them better.

That means you won’t end up completing the project, only to be told by the client that there’s more to do and there are things they’ve changed their mind on. It’s better to find out about those things during the project rather than when it’s done.

Delegate Carefully and Intentionally

The delegation of tasks is something that has to be done carefully. Of course, you require a team of people working together and sharing their skills in order for the project to be a success, but there is certainly more than goes into good delegation than that.

Intentionally delegating tasks is about ensuring each individual is working on tasks that they have the skills to complete successfully. It requires careful consideration with regards to which tasks should be delegated to which person, based on their skills and knowledge

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Ensure Your Hardware and Software Are Up to the Task

Delays often come about as a result of tech problems. If your hardware or software fails you, it can lead to all sorts of delays and issues that need to be resolved. This article covers some of the problems relating to slowdowns that you might experience if you’re using a Mac.

If your hardware and software aren’t up to the task at hand, you should work on upgrading them at the soonest opportunity. It could help you work faster for a long time to come, and all your future clients will appreciate that.

Create the Right Working Conditions

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Creating the correct working conditions for yourself and your team enables them the space and facilities required to do their best work. This should lead to greater efficiency and improvements in levels of productivity, making delays less likely.

How you go about doing this will obviously depend on your project and the team you have in place. Work with the facilities at your disposal and think about the ways in which they can be improved.

Keep Documents Organized and Accessible

Good organization and accessibility are two things that’ll help you to stay on track with your work. When things are easy to find and organized, a lot less time is wasted.

Your team won’t spend lots of time looking for things and trying to understand how your project is organized if you get this right. Consider using project management software in order to get this right.

Track and Measure Progress

Track and measure the process that your team is making as you move through the various stages of the progress. That way, you can compare your progress so far to the timescale that you originally had in place for the project. If you’re not on schedule, you can take steps to rectify that.

No one wants to annoy their clients with endless delays. In the end, it’ll come back to hurt you in a big way because you’ll eventually lose out on those clients because they’ll take their custom elsewhere. So, to avoid that eventuality, make the most of the advice outlined here. It’ll serve you well.

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