How To Build An Effective LinkedIn Profile

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Jan. 9 2020, Published 3:43 a.m. ET

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In today’s day and age, social media has become a tool for research, social connection, and entertainment. With the millions of apps that exist, LinkedIn is one of a kind as it is dedicated to the professional landscape. According to LinkedIn, the platform has nearly 660 million registered users and you need to be one of them. While a handy resume, customized cover letter, and business cards may get you far, having a strong LinkedIn profile may get you further.

Here are four helpful tips to building an effective LinkedIn profile:

Complete Your Profile

The profile that you build for yourself on LinkedIn can be a successful contribution to your personal brand. According to, a good quality photo of yourself and a background that reflects your personality or profession are important when building your profile. The article further states, a detailed summary of who you are and what you want to do, as well as your work history and education details can provide insight into what you have to offer.

Contact And Connect

LinkedIn was made for online networking for professionals. It is the perfect place to discover professionals in your dream role and the path they took to reach it. LinkedIn is also a great place to reach out to recruiters to express your interest in a particular position.

According to, the most effective way to grab the attention of a recruiter is by setting yourself apart in your communication. The article further states that recruiters receive a substantial number of daily message, thus always offer something first. For example, instead of asking for a job, mention a commonality you both share and ask about their journey. Regardless of what mutually binds you to a connection, always remember to send a note when hitting the connect button.

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Publish Content

While LinkedIn is a virtual, professional landscape, it is the same as any other social media platform. Creating content to post will enable more people to find, follow, and connect with you. According to, when you are consistent with quality content, your engagement numbers will grow. The article further states that anyone can follow you without a connection, which can expand your audience. When your connections interact with your content, their connections can view your post and discover your voice. Try posting an opportunity you have accepted, a position that you’re seeking, or an inspirational message. Great content never goes ignored.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is home to tons of free networking groups that exist to benefit their members.  I am a member in several groups varying from TV and film professionals to the alumni at my college. Regardless of what your interests entail, there are countless groups with professionals that are willing to help you succeed. According to, being active in LinkedIn groups can help you get a job. The article further claims that these groups can attract recruiters to your profile and alert you to hidden opportunities.

On a recent visit to the LinkedIn office in New York City, I documented helpful tips given by an employee. 

“People like seeing other people have fun. When you scroll down LinkedIn, everyone is trying to be so corporate and professional that they forget their connections are regular people. The human resources department and recruiters at companies you aim to be employed at are actual people who have lives outside of work. Of course, they want to see prospective employees serious about work, but happiness is really what captivates someone’s attention. Post an image or article about something you are excited about. When you post about happiness, your engagement statistics will be higher.”

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By: Desjah Altvater

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