Here’s How To Decline A Job Interview With Grace

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Feb. 19 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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While declining a job interview is normal and may occur often, individuals may find themselves battling with how to approach the situation. Even more, data shows an increase in candidates rejecting job offers. Based on a study by Glassdoor involving over 800,000 site users, there’s been a notable trend; candidates are turning down job offers at an increased rate. The rejection rate exceeded 17% and is climbing.

This trend is pronounced in competitive sectors such as technology and business services, where the rejection rates soar even higher. Not quite there yet? In the beginning stages and not entirely thrilled about the job prospect? Keep reading for five ways on how to decline a job interview.

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Leading Experts Agree It’s A Common Practice

Let’s look at the stats. According to a report by Zippia, on average, it takes about 21 to 80 applications to receive one job offer. In a separate study by Forbes, experts found that, on average, about 118 people apply for any given job, with only 22% of applicants invited to interview for the position. Still, despite the competitive landscape the job market presents these days, it’s common to have a change of heart.

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Reasons To Decline A Job Interview

While individuals may have varied reasons for declining an interview, below are common grounds for bowing out of the process.

The company is already showing red flags.

Negative interactions during the interview process, including unprofessional behavior or poor communication, can leave a lasting impression that may lead to rejection. Individuals may also learn their beliefs do not align with company beliefs, work style, and culture.

Your career goals have changed.

Sometimes, a person learns that a role doesn’t suit them or their career aspirations during the interview process. They might also determine their passions are taking them in another direction.

You accepted another joboffer.

A candidate might receive a more appealing job offer from another company during the decision-making process and determine that it better aligns with their end game.

Work-life balance is non-existent.

Concerns about work hours, flexibility, or overall work-life balance can influence a candidate’s decision. This may be challenging for a candidate with family considerations or health issues.

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How To Be Respectful When Declining A Job Interview

Once you have decided to forgo the interview process, you should communicate this to the employer in a professional manner. See below for three easy steps to decline an interview without ruffling any feathers.

Respond with urgency.

Respond ASAP by expressing appreciation for the opportunity and the time invested in considering your application. This shows respect for the interviewer’s time and avoids burning bridges. After all, there’s no guarantee you’ll never again cross paths with the job recruiter.

Keep it sweet and short.

Provide a brief, honest reason for declining the interview but keep it short and sweet. There’s no need to go into great detail, but offering a genuine explanation can be helpful for the employer’s understanding.

Offer to stay in touch.

Express interest in staying connected for potential future opportunities. This leaves the door open for engagement with the company at a later date. That said, it’s important only to extend the offer if there is a genuine interest in the company.

Overall, both employers and candidates need to communicate with transparency during the hiring process. Not only does this ensure mutual understanding and alignment of expectations, but both parties will avoid any wasted investment: time and money. And, they can move on to candidates eager to jump at the opportunity.

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