Everything You Should Consider Before Choosing Hybrid Or Remote Work

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May 7 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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The workforce is steadily evolving, as professionals yearn for work-life balance. In fact, the choice between hybrid and remote work arrangements has become increasingly significant for professionals seeking flexibility and productivity in their lives. In this article, we’ll explore everything you should consider before selecting between a hybrid or remote work role.

The Basics

Start by acquainting yourself with company policies. Consider how these policies may affect your current position and future prospects.

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1. Company Culture & Policies

Evaluate whether or not your company’s culture supports remote work and if they have established policies for it. For example, some companies may prioritize in-person collaboration while others embrace flexibility. Notably, if a prospective job has a remote program in place but plans to amend it, this is helpful information to learn if remote options are important to you.

According to experts at On Blink, remote work offers many benefits, beginning with cost savings, which may be promising to both parties.

“The major benefits of remote work are access to talent from around the country and lowered operational costs. Without a physical office, employers can save thousands of dollars they pay as rent per year and save on in-office technology,” the experts shared. “Furthermore, WFH can allow employees to set a better schedule for themselves, be more productive without the distractions of an office, and be more present outside work.”

2. Job Stability

Determine if your job responsibilities are conducive to remote or hybrid work. Specific roles, such as customer service or laboratory work, may require physical presence. In contrast, other roles, such as software development or writing, can be done remotely.

3. Career Growth & Visibility

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Consider how remote or hybrid work impacts your career trajectory. Remote employees may face challenges in visibility and career advancement compared to their in-office counterparts. Seek opportunities to showcase your contributions and stay connected with key stakeholders. Options can include popping in for an in-office happy hour, scheduling a lunch with your direct report, or bi-weekly check-ins. 

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The Nice-To-Haves

Now, let’s talk bells and whistles. While prioritizing mental health is essential, it’s vital to consider how hybrid or remote roles can affect workplace relationships and opportunities for growth. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

4. Work-Life Balance

Consider how remote or hybrid work impacts your work-life balance. While flexibility is a perk, it can blur boundaries between work and personal life, leading to burnout. Establishing clear boundaries and routines is crucial.

Meanwhile, experts at Indeed lean toward a hybrid model due to the following:

“A flexible working routine affords employees a better work-life balance by allowing them to adjust their working schedules and accommodate unique needs,” experts shared. “For instance, an employee can choose to work remotely when they have a doctor’s appointment or other commitment.”

The experts add that this flexibility is believed to increase employee satisfaction rates, workplace engagement, and employee retention.

5. Social Interaction Opportunities

Reflect on the social aspect of work. Remote or hybrid setups may limit face-to-face interactions with colleagues, affecting camaraderie and networking opportunities. Proactively engage in virtual team activities or networking events to bridge this gap.

By carefully considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions about embracing hybrid or remote work setups that align with their professional and personal needs. Do you have a helpful tip to share when considering hybrid or remote work? Let’s chat in the comment section.

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