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Mar. 28 2019, Published 3:45 p.m. ET

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Depending on what type of person you are, it can sometimes be difficult to show people your worth and what you are made of. Some people find it easy, they can walk into a room and tell you how great they are, some people really are that great and with others, it’s all talk – while you sit there on the sidelines knowing you could do a better job, but you don’t get the chance to show it.

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I want to be taken more seriously,” “I always end up undercutting myself – I give people a price for my services or the salary I want, and then I undercut myself and backtrack or apologize.” If this sounds like you then it is a sign that you have forgotten what you’re really good at or you’ve forgotten some essential experiences that have defined your career and your progression. You’re undervaluing yourself, underselling yourself. If you’re saying any of those things, then you aren’t valuing the importance and the difference that the work you do work makes. So, by definition, other people don’t appreciate it or know how valuable it is.

Marketing yourself can be uncomfortable, but you do need to be offering yourself and putting yourself forward in the workplace, showing people what you’re about. Never underestimate or assume people know unique and valuable what you do really is. They have to see it or experience it or have it shown to them. Don’t expect they can see it for you; they rarely can.

Show them what you’re made of. Consider the impact of your work and not your ‘To Do’ list. The work you do, what does it impact? And how does it affect others and what they’re able to do?

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Find Your Worth

It is difficult to know exactly what you’re worth in the first place, never, mind trying to tell others. There are no specific and quantifiable methods to give yourself an exact number that is 100% correct, and no one can argue with. But what you can do is decide who you want to be in your business. Who would be valuable to the company? Start by asking yourself who you are, what you stand for, and what drives you. Then begin to step into that valuable person and take action accordingly. Who Do You Want To Be? What do you stand for? What is your biggest mission? Why do you do what you do? Figure this part out first. Knowing this not only provides the foundation for yourself but also the inspiration. Try writing down five characteristics that you want to have and just as you would with a business or a project, make a little mission-statement or a personal manifesto about what you want to create. Who are you, who do you want to be, what do you want to achieve and why? Keep this list in your mind at all times to remind you of your mission, your passion, and your value.

Appreciate Yourself

When was the last time you acknowledged yourself for what you do? Have you ever taken note of all the people you’ve helped? The things you have accomplished? And the difference you have made? If you don’t give yourself credit for everything that you’ve achieved and remember everyone who has benefitted from knowing you, then no one else will. Acknowledge how great you are. Again, try writing down all of the people you help each day. THink about the people you have worked with each day, the ones who love what you do. Who do you make a difference for every day? Write down all of the people that you help on a daily basis and take note of the difference that you’re preparing for each and every one of them. Also, ask for testimonials. Clients want to give you testimonials, so you just need to ask them. It’s so nice to see your client’s words written down, it really helps you to boost your confidence and remember what you’ve truly accomplished.

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Acknowledging your worth makes you feel good! Not only does it remind you of all the good you’ve done in the world but also it inspires you to go out and do even more good. It encourages you to keep building on your value, and owning it even more, too.

Know Your Worth

Now you have acknowledged all that you do; now you need to consider what you offer, what you believe it’s worth, who are you looking to serve, and what would they are willing to pay.

You can’t just pick prices out of thin air, you do have to have some basis for them, so consider the value that you provide. Be aware of what your competition is doing and decide on some numbers that feel right to you. Figure out two numbers, your lowest acceptable price, and your preferred price and be sure that it aligns with your value and make sure that it feels right for you. Then just make sure you communicate your value, put your numbers out there, and track your results. Then adjust accordingly as you go along.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Now you know what you’re doing, and you know how good you are, know when to say no too. Set limits and don’t fall into the trap of doing too much and being taken for granted.

Value Your Time

Often when you say value, people immediately think about money and the worst thing you can do is focus your value all around money. Money won’t make you happy in the long-term, so you also need to think about your value in the context of time too. You can’t get back time, so you really need to value it.

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Tell People

Knowing your value and your worth means nothing if you don’t know how to communicate it. You have to demonstrate your value with respect and remove your ego from the equation.

Value comes down a lot to how you communicate it and the way you express it. Knowing your true worth can help you in every aspect of business and life. It will improve your decision-making skills, and you’ll be able to figure out the ideas, people and challenges you should align yourself with.

Stick With It

Now you have determined your worth; it’s time to prove it! If you love what you do and you know you can deliver, then following through should be easy. After all, you get to do what you love and make a difference for someone else. What could be better? Make sure that you keep your promises. Do what you said you were going to do and keep your integrity intact. Not only will it be fun for you to do what you do best, but you’ll also get a chance to truly “wow” your clients. Most of all, make sure that you’re always providing value and that you’re always being paid what you’re worth. Stand by it, don’t deviate from it, and you won’t go wrong.

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Believe In Yourself Above All Else

Always remember to believe in yourself, you have to know that you can achieve results, you can execute, you are passionate about what you’re doing, you do have goals, you can do something special — or even impossible. You also need to treat yourself well. It is in your potential that your real value lies. Your potential is intangible, and a lot of it comes down to your mindset. If your outlook is sharp and you’re disciplined, then you will do amazing things and most likely exceed your potential. It’s not about where you are right now, but looking ahead to the future and where you want to be. Ignoring your potential can considerably scale back your worth and ultimately leave you undervalued.

If you worry about losing your job every day, then you are probably headed for trouble. Push any negative thoughts out of your mind and focus on the work you do and how you add value to your company. Demonstrate the quality and a positive attitude to your team. Work smarter than your competition, and you’ll get ahead every time.

Remember you need to show your brilliance so that others can reward you for it, communicating this effectively is how you make everyone see what you’re worth.

Finally, you need to pass this message on and encourage others to know their worth too, Cynthia Telles said: “Our humanity is best defined by service to others—in our families, workplaces, and communities,” she says. “We are all part of the social fabric and must assume responsibility for each other. We should strive to ensure that we have made a difference in improving the lives of others.”

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