Moving Abroad vs Staying At Home: What’s Right for You?

Moving Abroad vs Staying at Home: What’s Right for You?


Mar. 17 2021, Published 2:57 p.m. ET

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Have you always wondered what it would be like to live in another country? Perhaps you have been offered a job further afield and are trying to decide whether or not to accept the position. Moving abroad is a huge undertaking and shouldn’t be taken lightly, so it is important to weigh up the pros and cons before you make a final decision. Here are some points that may help make your decision a little easier. 

If You Go

If you choose to move abroad, you must be prepared for excitement, hard work, and a bit of heartbreak.

The difficult part of moving overseas is that you will have to leave friends and family. This can be devastating and often the most difficult part of the process. However, nowadays, keeping in touch is easier than it was in the past as you can keep in touch with loved ones through email, phone, and online video calling. At times you will feel quite homesick and lonely.

Moving overseas can be draining on finances. The cost of flights, shipping of possessions, international insurance, and accommodation all add up. The country you move to might have a higher cost of living than your home, and you could be worse off financially.

However, moving to a new country can be very exciting and interesting. You will have a fresh start and have the opportunity to meet new people, see different scenery, learn about new cultures, try different cuisine, sports and hobbies. The country might offer better opportunities for you and your family’s future.

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If You Stay

Staying at home could be the easier option. If you decide that you want to stay in your own country and make a life for yourself, there is no harm in that and no need to feel like you have “chickened out.” Being close to family, especially your parents and siblings, is a significant factor and probably the crux of the matter. Most people will choose to stay close to those they love rather than jet off to the other side of the world. Family is important, and we all need some kind of support network. If you are young and thinking about starting a family, it is comforting and nice to have family around so that your children will get to know their extended family.

Knowing your environment and being used to everyday things such as food, sense of humor, tv shows, and language helps make you feel like you are part of something and comfortable – you are not the outsider trying to fit into a new way of life.

The best thing to do is to visit the country you have the opportunity to move to before you make the big decision. Spend some time there and imagine what it would be like living there as holidaying in a country is very different from living there – there is more to life than sunshine and beaches! Remember that there is no wrong or right decision and nothing needs to be forever.

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