Oprah Winfrey’s Business Wisdom: 3 Valuable Lessons For Entrepreneurs

35th GLAAD Media Awards – Los Angeles – Inside

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 14: Oprah Winfrey poses backstage during the 35th GLAAD Media Awards – Los Angeles at The Beverly Hilton on March 14, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for GLAAD )


Mar. 25 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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Have you ever needed a woman business mentor who managed to climb the path of success through her determination and discipline? Look no further than legendary businesswoman Oprah Winfrey!

Today, at nearly 70 years, she continues to inspire many, and her estimated net worth of $2.8 billion is incredibly inspiring.But how did she get here? What are her investment strategies, and what can you learn from them? Keep reading to find out. 

Invest In Yourself With The Right People

Source: Timothy Hiatt/FilmMagic

Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey attend Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular at the United Center on May 17, 2011, in Chicago.

Oprah Winfrey is a prime example of the benefits of investing in personal and professional development throughout one’s career. One way she did that was by surrounding herself with mentors like Maya Angelou.

Meeting Maya on those pages was like meeting myself in full. For the first time, as a young Black girl, my experience was validated.”

Oprah was able to build a network and gain knowledge that helped her contribute to her success.

“I think mentors are important, and I don’t think anybody makes it in the world without some form of mentorship,” Oprah said. “Nobody makes it alone.”

Not only should you work on developing your talents but also connect with the right people, especially those who inspire you. Prepare yourself more every moment and apply everything you learn whenever possible.

Try Your Best To Recognize Opportunity

This is a key trait for anyone who wants to succeed in business. In 2015, Oprah saw an opportunity in Weight Watchers, which was a struggling weight loss company at the time. 

She took her money and invested in $43 million, which was equal to 10% of the company. Fast-forward to 2018, and her shares’ value had increased tenfold.

Oprah has since stepped down from the weight loss company, but there is no doubt her relationship with the brand impacted their success.  

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Focus On Your Growth Strategy

Oprah Winfrey and her team approach their work like a horse race while blocking their side views “with blinders” so they can focus and make their show No. 1.

“The greatest lesson of any competitor or anybody who’s in business…you can only run your own race,” Oprah explained on the podcast Making Oprah.

So, don’t focus on your competition, because that takes away your energy and you’ll end up scared. Even when they experienced a dip in rating, Oprah would never follow what the competitors were doing.

Simply focus on doing your best in your projects and improving your skills. 

As a budding entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by life’s setbacks, but focusing on these Oprah-inspired tips could help make the journey to reaching your goals easier.

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