Simple Ways To Be Mindful And Feel Stress Free At Work Instantly

Simple Ways To Be Mindful And Feel Stress Free At Work Instantly


Mar. 20 2017, Published 4:00 a.m. ET

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We all dread waking up on Monday mornings still entranced by the Sunday blues.

It’s challenging to jump back into the grind after a weekend of fun-filled activities, too much or too little sleep, not to mention having ultimate freedom. That 2 PM daily slump hits us and we are tempted to reach for a second or third cup of coffee, just to make through the rest of the day. What if I told you there was an app to help you decompress for just a few minutes to recharge and power throughout your workday?

Meditation meets technology through our digital worlds creating the proper tools to maintain emotional and mental health all through our smartphones. By using meditation mobile applications at work, we can remain calm, centered, and balanced.

As a fan of Oprah, I first got into meditation upon discovering Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience. This series was the perfect introduction into guided meditation as a free online journey. I would listen to guided meditations on my morning commutes or before starting my day in bed, and even sometimes before going to sleep, I learned the power of thought and how to center my mind for 21 days straight.

This meditation experience helped me to relieve my stress by finding peace within. The guides allowed me to relax my mental state by practicing gratitude and manage my overall mental health. Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience is still available to stream online and The Chopra Center has a repository of meditation and wellness articles too.

Recently, Deepak Chopra released Jiyo, an app that serves as a great tool to become more mindful during your daily work grind. “The workplace is constantly demanding and distracting, making it a challenge to remain mindful,” Chopra shares. “Stay centered and focused without being frazzled by the mental noisiness that crowds into a typical workday.

Jiyo offers useful meditation content and gentle mindful reminders to reduce the stress of a typical chaotic workday. The app also makes wellness fun by creating “badges” received with every milestone accomplished on your journey. Jiyo enables a social network among other app users to help cheer you on and share in your experiences.

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Here are more apps you’ll need to remain mindful at work and master the art of de-stressing!

Another app similar to Jiyo is Insight Timer. This application offers a community of more than a million mediators, other like-minded individuals to support you on your wellness journey. Not only is this app free but you can access guided meditations for breathing techniques or other activities such as mindful walking, tai chi, yoga, chanting, healing, or prayer. Insight Timer is unique as it offers meditative guides through the most popular origins such as Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and much more giving you a variety to explore and customize your own wellness practices.

Sometimes at work, it is best to walk away from your desk, get up, stretch and go for a quick walk. However, it’s also important to exercise and train your mind. Headspace is like a gym membership for your mind, using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques to train your mind into an improved state. Headspace offers a free 10-day program with 10-minute exercises a day teaching the basics of meditation and practicing mindfulness before opting for their subscription service.

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Meditation and relaxation can be as simple as focusing on your breathing and finding peace. Using Breathe+ can help you to focus on your breathing rhythm and techniques or similarly to Stop, Breathe, Think. This app is designed to help you maintain emotional wellness by checking in on how you’re feeling, practicing mindful breathing exercises, and reflecting on what calms you down.

If you’re like me, you are addicted to work, and to your phone which is what makes apps great but also addictive. After using, Moment an app that tracks how often you touch your phone, I realized I pick up my phone over 200 times a day! A huge concept I’ve learned through in journey is that being present for life’s moments means PUTTING DOWN YOUR PHONE.

If you have a bad habit of allowing your phone to distract you, while you’re in-between mediation breaks or challenging yourself to stay focused at work, I suggest using Forest. An app that helps you stay present for life’s moments and be focused on the task at hand. The longer you stay off your phone, the more trees you can plant. You work on your zen while building your own virtual forest, as you embark on your journey to a healthier, more relaxed mind.

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