Site Allows Women to Rate Employers on Workplace Equality



Apr. 9 2015, Published 3:30 a.m. ET

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Ever wish you could publicly rate your employer? InHerSight, gives women the platform to evaluate their employers and rate how female-friendly the workplace environment is.

The site launched in January 2014, and provides women with the opportunity to anonymously rate past or present employers from any field on multiple topics including flexible hours, maternity leave, management opportunities for women and salary satisfaction. The company’s mission statement reads that the reason behind this rating measurement is to “make it possible for more women to succeed in the workplace, whether that’s climbing the corporate ladder, finding family growth support, or developing skills”

With many other rating websites and apps on the market, such as Glassdoor, InHerSight founder Ursula Mead told, that they set themselves apart by providing women with transparency to share their stories instead of governmental data.

“There’s a lot of momentum these days behind improving the workplace for women, and most people agree we need to do more to achieve equality. But I can’t see how we can get there without useful, actionable information, “ Mead said.

“The information we need isn’t just individual stories, and it’s not just government data, which is too highly aggregated to be meaningful for individuals. It needs to come from women ourselves — not from management defining the problem or determining what success is. These are our issues, and this is our story to tell. We need to take control and shape our own solutions.”

Based on the social media buzz, both women and men approve of Mead’s site, but look forward to it growing into more of a global platform.

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In the past year women have rated various companies, and though there aren’t many conclusions yet on equal work opportunities for men and women, the feedback will be helpful in the longterm. In addition to sharing constructive criticism, users can also add comments explaining what their employers are doing right, so others can learn from that too.


“We want to be like TripAdvisor for women in the workplace,” Mead told The Huffington Post. “They help travelers find what they are looking for and improve what they get from service providers using user-generated ratings… there’s no reason that model can’t work for women and their employers.”

Photocredit: InHerSight and Twitter 

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