The ABCs Of Becoming A Confident Business Woman

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Nov. 5 2020, Published 11:19 a.m. ET

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Confidence in business can make a huge difference in your career. However, only a small percentage of people are naturally blessed with it. If you are a part of the majority who struggle for confidence, now is the time to focus your energies on putting it right. When you do, it’ll provide a significant advantage over the competition.

While building a confident mindset does require a lot of effort, establishing a good plan of action could not be simpler. You simply have to remember the ABCs.


It isn’t possible to directly kid yourself that you are suddenly confident, you can fake confidence to others. Your appearance is naturally the most effective way to achieve this goal from the very first point of interaction. Standing tall and adopting good body language will serve you well. 

Encouraging others to assume that you are confident can alter the development of all conversations. Meanwhile, feeling happy with your appearance removes a potential source of stress. So, affordable laser hair removal and treatments that leave you looking and feeling your best are great investments. They will often make you happier too.

Finding the right hairstyle and choosing well-fitted and fashionable outfits for the work arena should be on the agenda. When supported by good nutrition and a tailored evening beauty routine, the rewards will show in and out of the workplace.

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Bravery and confidence are two personality traits that are very closely linked. Therefore, forcing yourself to be brave will lead to increased self-confidence. Not least because hitting targets will help build momentum and prove that you have every reason to believe in yourself.

The concept of showing bravery can take many forms. You may want to put yourself forward for increased responsibility and staff training. Or maybe you’ll finally take the leap of faith and launch a side business. Of course, bravery may also extend to standing up for your rights in the workplace of ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear.

Facing fears is daunting if you are not used to doing it. As such, you may want to take on the 100-day rejection challenge. Essentially, you’ll spend this time purposely trying to gain rejections in new situations. By the end, you should be desensitized to the word to.

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Consistency is essential in the world of business, and not only for the sake of productivity and interactions. When success comes naturally as an upshot of following the right practices, there is no doubt that it can encourage you to have more confidence.

So, how do you become consistent? Positive steps can be taken before you’ve even started the workday, simply by getting ready in an organized manner. Likewise, using to-do lists and regular monitoring should help the cause. Moreover, you must learn to remain focused during each shift. Increased productivity and output can only bring positive results.

Consistency also removes the sense of unfamiliarity. Once again, this empowers you by enabling you to make moves with a much clearer idea of what to expect. It really is that simple.

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