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The Agenda Book You Need For 2014


Jan. 16 2014, Published 6:27 a.m. ET

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In the age of digital media and google cal, when you can simply use one or two clicks to confirm your attendance at a meeting the art of writing things down has fallen to the wayside.

But once in a while, its nice to let my eyes have a break from the screen and take a moment to see everything spread out in front of me, written in my own handwriting. Instead of having my plans and goals, and random notes spread out across a digital landscape of calendar confirmations, emails, and digital post it notes hidden behind the glass and glow of the screen, it exists in the real world, on a page. The places I need to be, the people I need to see and even the birthdays you need to remember, written by my own hand is a unique and intimate experience.

In fact, writing things down has been proven to boost your memory, and some argue that it helps your goals to better materialize in your life. Other studies prove it helps you to retain information better. 

“Write your goals down. If they’re not written down, they’re just dreams. When you write things down, it sets off a chain of events that will change your life,” says a popular motivational quote. 

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My favorite agenda book that I recommend is made by a company called momAgenda (affiliate link). I know it seems weird that I would recommend a product geared towards moms, but they have a line made for everyone called “myAgenda.”

This book is elegant and efficient. Although its not the smallest thing to carry around, for everything it allows you to keep track of its a good size.

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You can organize your schedule on both a monthly and weekly basis. There’s space in the back for notes, birthdays, expenses, vacation planning etc. The company also allows users to customize the book cover with a name.

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But my favorite feature has to be the quotes at the top of each page. The pages feature quotes that serve as an inspirational prompt from historic and iconic figures.

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Right now, they have a big sale going on, the myAgenda mini which usually costs $36.00 is being sold at 40 percent off at $21.60.

To purchase, click below!


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