The Path To Self-Improvement In 2018: Starter Guide

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Jan. 17 2018, Published 1:05 p.m. ET

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2017 is well and gone and 2018 is finally upon us. Should you be worried? Should you be scared? Well, that’s all up to you, but what you should do is decide on a few things which you want to accomplish in this year.

Self-improvement is a path which never truly ends and just keeps on giving the more work you put into it, so in order to keep going down that path, you should try and pursue some of your yearly goals. What kind of goals you may ask? Well, ones that are either self fulfilling, or productive in some shape or form. Something which allows you to develop as a person or a professional, or even something which makes you feel better about yourself, allowing for greater peace of mind, and a broader outlook on life.

If you feel like you want to make a change but do not know where to start, then keep on reading as we will go through three areas in which you could get involved as in as soon as you finish reading.

Personal health

Helping others is most definitely a very admirable thing to do, but what people seem too often seem to forget is that you cannot help others if you yourself are a mental wreck. Now, this does not mean you should not try to help others if you yourself have seen better days, everyone has had some downtime here and there, but do not let it go too far. It’s a bit like taking financial advice from a homeless person, if you pardon the analogy. That’s why, for the sake of others and yourself, you should start working on self-improvement. Of course, that’s a rather broad range of things to do, so let’s narrow it down a bit and look at a few things which you can start introducing right now. A healthy sleeping schedule is key when trying to stick with a routine and accomplishing your goals. Healthier dietary choices can prove to boost your efficiency both at the workplace and your spare time much more than you might expect. If you feel brave enough, you could even go vegetarian or vegan for a while, and see if all those stories about astounding health improvements were true.

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Develop your portfolio

Even if you are happy with your current job, keep in mind there is probably a place somewhere out there that will pay you for doing the same thing you are now, but for a better wage. No one is telling you to quit your job and start searching for a new one, because that is usually rather irresponsible, especially when you have rent to pay at the end of the month, but doing something to develop and build on top of your current skill set is always a good idea. Not only does it open up new career opportunities, but it also boosts your self-confidence. The best thing is that nowadays you can even get started with a new course or training program in front of your computer within a few clicks here and there. RN to MSN degrees online are very much an option, and if you were ever willing to go work in a hospital or clinic, then this is the perfect opportunity to either get into it or just develop your existing skill set further.

Pick up a new hobby

We all have those things which we think we would enjoy quite a bit, but either never have the time to get around to it, or we do not feel interested enough to actually to pick it up. Maybe because of financial reasons or time constraints, and in our minds it’s always easy to introduce a narrative to ourselves which currently fits our way of thinking. The truth is, that many hobbies do not particularly take too much time and you can indulge in them while working full time and having a social life, for example, fish keeping.

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Of course, if you so desire you could go straight to the deep end, and start keeping wild Discus or set up a huge reef aquarium which will both eat up your savings and your time. However, for most people, something of a much smaller scale which will not cost your wallet as much as it does your psyche is a much better option. Tropical freshwater aquariums are a perfect starting place for most people willing to get into the hobby, mostly due to the rather abundant variety of fish readily available to keep in tropical aquariums, but also because quite a few of those fish are quite hardy and do not require an insane amount of maintenance. If you would like to get started, make sure to read a proper guide on the subject and don’t fall for those “add fish instantly” miracle liquids which claim to replace the whole nitrogen cycle of your aquarium with a single dosage.

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