These 5 Books Will Inspire You To Get Involved In A Cause You Hold Dear 

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Jan. 15 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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As we plot our courses for 2024, there’s nothing quite like the inspiration that comes from a biography. These tales of change makers, activists, and everyday heroines illuminate the path for all of us aspiring to make a difference.

And what better way to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than by diving into the stories of women who, in their own unique ways, have contributed to the tapestry of social change? So, grab that cup of chamomile tea, let the honey sweeten the journey, and immerse yourself in narratives that transcend time and circumstance. May these tales fuel your ambitions and kindle the flame of activism within you. Here’s to a year of learning, growth, and drawing inspiration from the extraordinary stories of women who dared to make a difference.

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In this poignant and insightful introspection, Campoverdi, a women’s health advocate and former White House aid, candidly draws upon her personal journey to articulate and contextualize the hurdles frequently encountered by Latina trailblazers who are the “first and onlys.” Through her narrative, she sheds light on a pathway towards truth, healing, and transformation, offering a compelling guide for those navigating similar journeys.

After becoming the first “known woman of color” to graduate with an MFA from Yale’s School of Design and Architecture (now Yale School of Art), she embarked on a transformative chapter, residing in Europe and immersing herself in the heart of artistic, literary, and political spheres. She evolved into a celebrated artist, with her creations now showcased in prestigious museum collections worldwide. As time unfolded, she further distinguished herself as an award-winning poet and bestselling writer, notably of a legendary and once-controversial book about Sally Hemings and her relation to Thomas Jefferson. Chase-Riboud’s memoir tells a story through letters to her mother and offers a unique angle on who this iconic woman was.

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Based on new and extensive research, Purnell has uncovered the full secret life of Virginia Hall in an astounding and inspiring story of heroism, spycraft, resistance, and personal triumph over shocking adversity. A Woman of No Importance is the breathtaking story of how one woman’s fierce persistence helped win the war.

Historian and cultural critic Tanisha C. Ford intricately illuminates the life of Moon in unprecedented detail, tracing her journey from Jim Crow Mississippi to her pinnacle as a prominent figure in New York City. In this narrative, Moon emerges as a powerhouse philanthropist, commanding a blend of fear, resentment, and widespread respect. Ford meticulously chronicles Mollie’s larger-than-life escapades, drawing upon exhaustive research, unveiling previously undisclosed letters, and weaving insights from numerous interviews into a vivid tapestry of her compelling story.

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In “The Sisterhood,” Courtney Thorsson unravels the compelling narrative of a transformative community that reshaped American literature and cultural institutions. Through interviews, correspondence, meeting records, and literary analyses, Thorsson delves into the Sisterhood’s daily collaborations and enduring impact. This collective championed Black women writers within trade publishers, magazines like Ms., and Essence, and later within academic realms—withstanding sexist, racist, and homophobic resistance.

Thorsson explores the intricate personal, professional, and political bonds that united the Sisterhood, probing both its ascent and eventual disbandment. The book reflects on the 1980’s triumphs of Sisterhood members, the assimilation of Black feminism into academia, and how subsequent writers built upon the group’s foundational contributions.

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By: Carena Ennis

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