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Sep. 9 2021, Published 4:30 a.m. ET

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Remote work has been growing in popularity for years, but in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, the appeal and necessity of remote career options has ballooned. If you’re looking to continue working from home (whether your community is currently under lockdown or not) a coding job from home might be pretty appealing right now.

And it’s not just about the current moment. If you love to figure out and fix a dilemma or obstacle, then a coding career is likely your dream. If you want to create digital work that’s unique and appealing, a creative tech career can be for you, even in the long run. And the best thing about both? Most tech careers can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

But what remote tech jobs are you qualified for? What jobs can you get if you learn to code? And is it really possible for you to make a career change into a design or coding career?

Here’s the thing about tech: if you’re creative or a problem solver by nature, and you’re willing to put in the work of learning digital skills and becoming a part of the community, then a tech career is within reach for you.

Whether you want to build amazing websites for companies or clients, design gorgeous graphics that customers will never forget, or market the heck out of a product or service you love, you can do these jobs remotely with just a device and a decent internet connection. So you don’t have to move to San Francisco for an awesome career in tech. You can stay right where you are.

Check out the descriptions below for job details, average salaries, and actual remote positions open now (plus the Skillcrush courses that will teach you the skills you need) for these 10 amazing tech-focused careers—that you can do wherever is best for you.

If you are looking for more job listings than what you see in this post, browse these 25+ Best Sites for Finding Remote Work Online in 2020.

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1. Front End Developer

The job: Front-end developers write the code for the parts of a website that you can see, like the text, buttons, animated icons, and other elements. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, front-end developers create the code that controls the way a website looks and functions.

The salary: $109,052 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

2. Web Developer

The job: Web developers write the code that powers the front end and back end (what you don’t see) of websites and web applications. They are the “full stack” engineers that use front-end tools plus back-end programming languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP to do their work.

The salary: $78,849 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

Note that web developer roles often have more specific job titles than just “Web Developer,” so include the languages and frameworks you want to use on the job in your search terms while browsing job sites.

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3. JavaScript Developer

The job: JavaScript developers specialize in using JavaScript and JS libraries and frameworks, that make websites responsive in real time. They write code that functions as the logic of a website’s front end. JavaScript developers often specialize in a specific library or framework, like React JS.

The salary: $117,716 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

Note that there is some crossover between front-end developer, web developer, and JavaScript developer roles. Sometimes a role that requires mainly JS and JS frameworks will be listed as a “front end” or “web dev” job.

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4. WordPress Developer

The job: WordPress developers write website code using the most popular content management system in the world: WordPress! Tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes use WordPress to power their websites, making WordPress development an especially great field for freelancers and full-timers alike. Since WordPress uses PHP, look out for that keyword when searching job sites.

The salary: $76,526 per year (Glassdoor)

Remote positions open now:

5. Python Developer

The job: Python developers are some of the most in-demand pros in the tech world nowadays. They build web applications and create data visualizations for fields like scientific research, big data, machine learning, and finance.

The salary: $119, 116 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

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6. Ruby Developer

The job: Ruby developers code web apps for sites like Hulu, Basecamp, GitHub, and Airbnb. And they do it all with Ruby, a language that’s especially user-friendly and comes with a super supportive community.

The salary: $133,122 per year

Remote positions open now:

7. Web Designer

The job: Web designers both design and code websites that look great and work seamlessly on any device. Using design principles, HTML and CSS, and responsive design, web designers make sure you can access the info you need online and enjoy doing it.

The salary: $68,476 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

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8. UX Designer

The job: User experience (UX) designers do the legwork and thinking needed to ensure users have the best possible experience using websites. They work to research, test, and improve the overall user experience on websites and other digital products. And UX ranks in the top 50 best careers in America.

The salary: $101,797 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

9. Visual Designer

The job: Visual designers are responsible for the look and feel of your favorite websites and apps—and more! Their work includes wireframes, logos, infographics, icons, and all kinds of visual digital products.

The salary: $71,763 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

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10. Digital Marketer

The job: Digital marketers help companies find and keep their customers. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, and email marketing, digital marketers learn the needs of customers, create advertising and social media campaigns to draw them in, and find innovative ways to keep them happy and loyal.

The salary: $60,000 per year (Indeed)

Remote positions open now:

When searching for digital marketing jobs, it helps to get more specific about the types of roles you’re looking for. Email marketing, community management, social media, content marketing, and partnership jobs (among others) may not have “digital marketing” in the title. It helps to know what specific roles you’re actually interested in while searching job sites.

This article was written by Kelli Smith and originally appeared on Skill Crush.

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