Twitter Users Share Workplace Coping Techniques With #HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace

i hate when coworkers interrupt my trap music – drink coffee put on gangsta rap handle it


Jan. 22 2016, Published 3:30 a.m. ET

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Whether you work as a freelancer or in a corporate office, non-profit, start-up co-working space or anything in between, it is no secret that getting through the work week can sometimes be difficult.

This week the Twitterverse kicked off the week with the trending hashtag #HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace. Here are some of the ways our fellow working bees get through their Monday through Friday work grind.

Some people focus on creating the perfect workspace:

Create a workspace that looks damn good. Here are 14 favorites:

— Flywheel (@HeyFlywheel) January 19, 2016

Some people use music to get in the zone and focus on their agenda:

#HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace I keep my Headphones close by to block out foolishness hahahaha

— Patty Jackson (@MsPattyJackson) January 19, 2016

Some rely on the rise and grind energy from coffee:

#HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. More coffee. Little bit (a lot) more coffee. Oh, and lots of pee breaks

— Courtney Swan (@Courtney__Swan) January 19, 2016

…or tea:

— Leah K (@TeacupLeah) January 19, 2016

Some find ways to reenergize:

Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at something 20 ft. away for at least 20 seconds. #HowIStaySaneinmyWorkplace#Eyestrain

— Lisa Peterson (@MSSNutrition) January 19, 2016

— Up & At ‘Em Travel (@UpAndAtEmTravel) January 19, 2016

Some find ways to motivate themselves and keep up with the hustle:

#HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace Scribbling notes to breathe and smile in my notebook.

— Jada Gomez (@JadaGomez) January 19, 2016

Knowing that there is POWER in my diligence and making a point to laughing often! ON PURPOSE #HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace

— Mo B. (@MoBettaMo) January 19, 2016

Some even move the whole operation off-site to get re-inspired:

#HowIStaySaneInMyWorkplace is I move the entire operation outside.

— Julia Roy (@juliaroy) January 20, 2016

And some go on a completely different route and embrace the productivity that comes with insanity:

#HowIStaySaneInMyWorkPlace When you’re a writer it sometimes helps to be a bit insane!

— joan treacy (@joanmacl) January 19, 2016

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