Unique Ways to Supercharge Your Business’s Productivity

Productivity is an important metric that you can use to measure how effective your business is.


Dec. 10 2021, Published 9:21 a.m. ET

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Productivity is an important metric that you can use to measure how effective your business is. Thanks to all the different software tools and analytics that we can rely on today, tracking productivity is surprisingly simple and straightforward. However, that’s not to say that we’ve mastered the art of improving productivity. Every business has its own problems and trying to apply the same productivity-boosting solution that one company uses to another doesn’t always end well. As such, it’s vital that you seek out different ways to improve the productivity of your business based on internal factors.

So in this post, we’re going to cover a few unique tips to help you supercharge your business’s productivity. If you’ve been longing for a few eureka moments to help your business rise to the next level, then these solutions will definitely make it easier for you.

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Reduce the amount of multitasking in your office

There’s always this misconception that multitasking can actually help improve your business’s productivity. Sadly, this really isn’t the case and never was the case to begin with. Multitasking can be bad because you’re using a lot more mental and physical energy to perform multiple tasks at once, but the reality is that you’re not getting an equal amount of productivity for the energy used.

For instance, imagine trying to hold two conversations at once on two different phone lines. Your brain would go crazy trying to keep up with what everyone’s saying, not to mention that our brains are only really capable of processing a single conversation at once. Now apply this logic to your work. People aren’t really built to manage multiple different tasks at once. Not only does it expend more energy, but it usually means that the task itself takes more time to finish. So in short, don’t rely on multitasking in your office. Focus on doing single tasks one at a time so that they can be completed in a timely manner.

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Stop having too many useless meetings

Another common thing that businesses do these days is have too many meetings. The reason meetings can be bad is because they take a lot of time and they’re usually not very productive or effective at doing anything. This is because meetings tend to have no real goal or aim and not everyone that attends the meeting needs to be there. As such, we propose having more one-to-one meetings with people that you actually need to speak to instead of demanding that all of your staff be present for a meeting. This is even more challenging due to the increase in remote workers that most companies have started to use.

However, that’s not to say that meetings are completely useless. As per the title of this section, we’re talking about having fewer useless meetings. Meetings can be extremely useful if they have a purpose and if they’re timed so that they don’t take too much of the day. If you want to host meetings to keep everyone in the loop, then consider what value you can bring to the table and how it actually helps your workers. If the subjects that you discuss don’t actually affect your staff, then perhaps you should leave it out of the meeting and focus on more important things instead.

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Focus on the health and wellness of your employees

Health and wellbeing are no doubt important aspects of managing your employees, but did you know that many businesses tend to overlook just how it affects productivity? Encouraging your employees to stay healthy, eat energy-packed foods, and also get up to stretch now and then can actually drastically improve their productivity.

This is because they’re less focused on health-related problems because their back isn’t hurting, their diet isn’t causing them to go to the toilet all the time, and they’re able to sit down without feeling any physical strain.

Cutting down on unnecessary business travel

Another helpful tip to supercharge your business’s productivity is to actually cut down on unnecessary business travel. Many businesses require their staff to travel around to meet clients, to survey different sites, and perhaps to even scout out new markets. These travels can be local such as taking a bus or even a train to the next city, but it can also require members of staff to travel via air.

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Depending on how demanding your business travel needs are, you may want to cut down on unnecessary travel and instead rely on remote options when possible. However, there is another option available; planning ahead with your business travel. You could search up the cheapest private jet charter if you plan to ferry a dozen or more staff to a new location, or even if you plan to have a business meeting somewhere. A private jet allows staff to continue working and it drastically reduces time spent doing security checks and other typical tasks that might take a long time.

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Give your employees more autonomy

It’s also a good idea to give your employees a bit more autonomy, especially when it comes to the tasks that they’re specialized in. Letting them decide how to tackle a specific task can make them feel like they have more control over their work. This ultimately lets them think for themselves and it ensures that they’re able to focus on their task instead of combating your reasons and your methods.

Stop using too many productivity and organizational apps

One problem that you might face when using organizational apps is that you end up with too many different solutions that conflict or create problems. While software can be a great option to help improve your productivity, you can’t rely on it for virtually everything.

There are many important team management solutions to use that will help you stay productive, but you can’t overlook the importance of simplifying these options to make them easier to understand and digest.

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Focus on intense work sessions spaced with long breaks

It’s important to take plenty of breaks at work to help you reset your thoughts. However, some businesses have breaks that are far too infrequent. This causes staff to focus on a single task for far too long, opening them up to fatigue and distractions. If they’re forced to work on something for a long time then it’s very easy to lose track of their goals and it can be extremely difficult to get back on track.

As a solution to this, you may want to consider encouraging your staff to focus on more intense work sessions that are spaced between long breaks. Working hard for an hour is much more manageable than trying to work for 3 hours straight before you’re given a break. The break time allows you to relax and focus on other things, and the hour or so of intense work means you can stay focused for longer with fewer distractions.

Consider rebranding your business to give it a new purpose

Lastly, a rather drastic but still effective strategy is to consider rebranding your business. The reason for this is so that your staff can feel more attuned to your business’s message. Many companies have rules and goals that help to drive their motivation, but if you don’t have a clear message then it can be hard to unify your team under the same banner.

As such, rebranding your business can often be a great way to motivate everyone that works for you. While it’s certainly time-consuming and expensive to do this, it might be the best decision that you’ll make for your company.


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