Slow Travel: Why Women Are Taking Their Time To Enjoy The Adventures

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Feb. 14 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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When planning a getaway, it’s tempting to cram as much as you can into a travel itinerary. You don’t want to miss anything because who knows when (or if) you’ll be back. The FOMO is real. So you spend your time racing around to different must-see attractions from dawn until dusk. The result is feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation to recover.

However, country-counting and ticking boxes off a checklist just to say you’ve been there is no longer the preferred means of travel for many, especially since the pandemic. A 2023 survey of travel habits found that over 94% of Americans are interested in experiencing slow travel. More than 42% stated they want to have more meaningful experiences with locals and enjoy the culture of their travel destinations. 

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Unique memories, meaningful encounters, and off-the-beaten-path adventures have much more value. As a result, more and more women are shifting away from jam-packed vacations in favor of slower, more fulfilling travel experiences. Here’s why:

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1. Intentionality

According to Hilton’s 2024 trend report, resting and recharging are the number one reason people want to travel in 2024. And it’s no surprise. We live in a fast-paced society where multi-tasking and maximizing every minute are the norm. It’s exhausting.

Vacations are meant to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Slow travel allows for that because it requires intentionality from start to finish. You focus on taking the time to explore a location in your way, not rushing but savoring. Want to wander the side streets of a little town? Go for it. Interested in learning how to cook a regional dish? Do it. Tired and just craving a day at the beach? There’s time for it all.

The appeal of slow travel is the flexibility that comes with being intentional. As you plan, allow yourself time to explore and enjoy what your vacation destination has to offer. Keeping your itinerary open to adjustments and changes prevents you from feeling that you need to rush to see and do everything that you like. The added benefit to this style of travel is less stress and more relaxation.

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2. Quality Over Quantity

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Source: Pexels

Travel goals have shifted from seeing it all to being present and mindful of your experiences. By slowing down, you open the door to creating lasting impressions, not just a perfect Instagram photo. And slow travel is the epitome of less is more.  

When planning a slow travel experience, the goal is to take the time to immerse yourself in a location so that you get to know it in a more meaningful way. Instead of planning five activities a day, choose two and enjoy them fully. Travel expert and author La Carmina said it best when she stated in a Huffington Post article, “It’s about being fully present in the moment and experiencing the sights, sounds, and sensations around you without distraction ― letting the experience unfold at its own pace and without expectations.”

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3. Deeper Connections And More Meaningful Experiences

Slow travel allows you to participate in cultural experiences where you can interact with the locals. Not only do you get a taste of the culture, but you also have the opportunity to get some terrific recommendations for off-the-beaten-path activities and authentic local cuisine.

Interestingly, according to Going Global, women are more likely to choose culturally rich locations, preferring to have more unique and immersive experiences when they travel. This allows women to bond and establish connections with the people and places they encounter, leading to richer, more fulfilling travel and unforgettable memories.

The appeal of slow travel can’t be denied; it’s relaxing, meaningful, and rejuvenating. It’s worth exploring this style of travel for those of us craving more authentic experiences minus the exhaustion and stress.  

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Marta Kargol
By: Marta Kargol

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