Why You Should Never Stop Learning

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Jan. 9 2020, Published 4:09 p.m. ET

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The saying goes “you learn something new every day“ and that is entirely true. You will find yourself picking up something new, discovering something you hadn’t thought of before, or picking up a new skill that you have always wanted to try, and even if this something new only takes a few seconds of your day, you will be receiving huge benefits just from that small interaction. Learning all about the world around us starts from a very young age, and eventually we feel confident enough that we know Everything that is essential for us to get on with day-to-day life. But most of us find ourselves in a job or career and happy within our roles, there are many reasons why you should in fact continue to learn, whether that is through a formal education or not. And here are some of those reasons to help you better understand why you should never stop learning.

Broadening horizons

If you have learnt everything you need to do in your current role, whether that’s a self-employed position, or employed by a large corporation, it is very easy to become stagnant and doing the bare minimum. If you have a little bit of ambition Though, you will find That you are always keen to learn more. Being keen to learn more, puts you in a position to find out what to do at a higher level. Even if you just learn how to do your current role or faster, or with less interruptions, then you will of course be improving your overall career. You will be able to progress within your employment, and may find yourself receiving opportunities that you could never ever dreamed of. Learning, and education, can bring you opportunities as well, that you may never have imagined before. For example a manager may leave, and if you have learnt enough in your current role there is nothing stopping you from getting a promotion.

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Keeping your mind sharp

It has been proven that regularly learning, completing puzzles, or just socializing, are all positive ways to keep your brain working well. Aside from the physical benefits this brings to your brain, your overall mental health can take a great boost from education, and learning as you go through life. Many people continue To learn well into their 70s, and report that it does then wonders. Remembering why are you began learning in the first place, and encouraging yourself to push and complete any coursework or exams, can really help your mind stay healthy too. Keep it in mind that you don’t need to take up a university degree, or enroll for the University of Southern California, To learn, but it is advisable that you take up high-quality education and mentoring, as your time may be wasted otherwise.

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Giving back

One of the reasons that people pick up a new skill, or course, is because they wish to give back to their community, or support somebody they love, there are courses available for parents of children with disabilities, and there are courses for care work and how to do a great job in these areas, so it isn’t just about learning mathematics and history, there is a large element of altruism And character that can help improve the lives of others, just by learning how and reading the experiences of other people. You can even learn some leadership skills along the way and maybe lead a team of volunteers, but either way using your new phone knowledge towards forces for good, is a positive thing. There are many online courses now for people who are thinking of becoming childminders or care workers, and Before you even begin the process now, you can gain a good oversight to help you with your decision.

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Confidence boost

Learning can give you a fantastic boost in confidence, from knowing the answers to a local pub quiz, to apply in your new skills and improving your workload, or helping somebody when she has become a key worker, at all amazing ways to feel great about yourself. Learning does not come easy to everybody. And if this is you then don’t be disheartened, it may take a little longer and a bit more effort, but overall it pays off in the end. Getting a boost of confidence and using it for good, is a wonderful use of time and energy. There are those people who have in fact become teachers themselves, once they have learnt plenty themselves. And this means that the right people are in the right positions, and children get the education they need. The confidence that comes from learning, can be from thinking you can’t do something, and then surprise in yourself, or overcoming an obstacle that you’d never imagine you could, and that’s a great gift to give yourself.

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Find something new

When you’re learning a new hobby, skill, or just understanding how something works, you will always find something new to focus on, and gain insight. Many people have started a course, or a piece of information, and then discovered something entirely different that catches their eye. This is why Some children take longer to learn than others, and even some adults struggle with this realization, but still need to continue forward on the course. Finding something new, doesn’t need to be extravagant and time-consuming, They can be as simple as finding a new support when researching badminton for example, but as long as things are heading in the right direction. You may not have realized, but m indefinitely 

You’re never too old to enroll in a college course, it’s always important to remember that you have just as much right, if not more so, to! So dust off the pencils, and see what you can learn as well. There are many people who picked up physical exercise, for the first time in their lives, and learnt something new even though they thought their sports playing games were behind them, there are even people who have learnt how to write, or draw which is something of a lifelong ambition. Which is why you should never stop learning, and you are never too old, because fulfilling dreams, is something that we can all get behind. And with the benefits to your mental health, physical health, and social life there really is no ‘lose’ option.

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