Working Efficiently Through COVID-19 Crisis

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Apr. 27 2020, Published 10:40 a.m. ET

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We are living through difficult times and it may feel that we are stuck at home and unable to concentrate or to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. Whether we work in law or marketing, we have been told that we must resume our work from home but this can be a challenge. Even business owners are having to delegate tasks and look at how they can continue from home. We can, however, look at the benefits of the crisis and see how it may benefit our workload as well as give us some effective new lifestyle tips. 

The fact of the matter is, that you could possibly lead a healthier and happier life working from home if you implement the right tips and tricks. Working from home has its benefits, and for the foreseeable future at least, it’s good for people to self isolate in order to stop the spread of Covid19. If you are currently concerned about your health or someone else’s, please use the NHS Guide to assist you which can be found here.

However, if you’re working from home and you are in good health, then you will be wanting to find some incentives to make your business or work flourish during these times. So how exactly can you survive the quarantine period at home, efficiently, happily, healthily, and even possibly eco-friendly? It’s time to find out how. 

What Are The Positives? 

It’s all about balance. As with anything in life, working from home may feel very wrong to you. It is suddenly throwing you into a new but familiar domain that you usually relax in but if you know that you thrive in this environment, then this may change your view. If you have always easily felt that you could do your work from home, then this could be your time to really shine and also reassess your career in general. Many jobs indeed can be done at home; for many industries, however, this just isn’t an option and it’s important to remember that working from home at this uncertain time is, in fact, a luxury and must be treated as such. The problem may, in fact, be that in the end, you feel too comfortable working from home and the change back to the office 9-5 life may be too taxing. However, let’s see the positive impact you are having on the world already: 

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  • Relieving carbon emissions from driving or any other type of fuel-guzzling transportation
  • Less energies/powers used collectively in the offices -such as electricity, boilers and generators that take up a lot of power
  • Ability to continue using your eco-friendly lifestyle at home if your office doesn’t support – you have the chance of not having to leave the house at all, stay home, cook organically and stop using up new resources.

Keep Your Working Hours Strict! 

It is very easy to slip out of the 9-5 routine and choose 11-7 or midday until midnight, and these are unhealthy for the mind and body and could cause some health issues. Stick to your routine as you would at work. This is important for your body clock and your state of mind. Have a designated hour for work and extra time for breaks. Screen breaks and short walks are brilliant to stay healthy. Set timers on your phone if you have to, this way you do not get distracted by the time when you are away from your colleagues. Don’t overwork, even though it’s tempting but be sure to soak up any sun and work from the garden (if your work isn’t confidential of course). 

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Take This Time To Upgrade

Now that you have the time to assess things, you may realize that now is the time to start looking at upgrading and changing old systems. Perhaps you want to create a new database system for your finances or look for something a little more practical for communicating such as ringless voice software, which is available from Drop Cowboy. You may also want to look at how your company is running any campaigns and what needs to be changed. If you are concerned that you are not earning the funds to pay certain people then laying them off temporarily could be an option. But it may also make you rethink strategies. For example, do you want to keep your social media up and running even if you are unable to open your shop and do not sell online? Well the simple answer is, yes. A presence online is still important even during these times to keep your business in the limelight, so to speak.

You might want to look at action plans for after the crisis to see what can be salvaged and if anyone needs to be hired or if you can continue with a smaller team. You will certainly be using this time to see what can be changed and if you are an employee of a bigger team, then perhaps you will be thinking about the job you’re currently in. Is it still what you want to do or do you want to look at something different? Perhaps you have given yourself a new goal or set yourself new targets, these are all positives and can help you continue working efficiently whilst finding out new exciting things! 

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Try And Create An Office Space For Your Comfort 

Having your own space at home may be difficult depending on your living circumstances but you must avoid slouching on the couch to work or lazing on garden furniture for too long. This will not be beneficial in any shape or form. However, if you are able, create a little desk space wherever possible and add to it all the essentials as if you are back in the office. This will allow you to feel as if you are back at the office and help switch your mind over. If you feel comfortable working from bed then that too is OK but don’t do this for too often as it will not be beneficial in the long run. If you are one of those who need a little bit more incentive, then creating a working space will be vital for your productivity. This may also be investing in an office chair (if your business is allowing this on expenses) but if not, ensure that you can still support your lumbar region if you are relying on a living room or kitchen table. Lumbar cushions are available quite plentifully, so this is undoubtedly going to assist you and stop those niggly back or shoulder aches which can be hard to tackle in the long run. To avoid stiffening up, be sure to take brisk walks as and when you can. Now that gyms are unavailable, working out from home may be the only option.

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Block Out The Noises, And Be More Efficient

If you live at home with others or children, then you may find turning off difficult. It may even be impossible for you to work from home and entertain the children. However, if you do have another parent at home then you will be able to hopefully find a space and some time to continue with your work. it is possible to utilize your headphones to their best advantage. If you don’t have a pair of noise canceling headphones you can always purchase a pair if you think it will benefit. If not, there are plenty of Apps that offer white noise and noise canceling sounds that should allow you to block out the surroundings. Some of the best Apps that can be great for white noise and other sounds:

  1. myNoise
  2. Relax Melodies
  3. White Noise Lite
  4. Noisli
  5. Parrot Zik

You do not have to let being at home hinder your efficiency or productivity as you must still ensure that you are earning a living and that you are not burdened by the worry of not having money to continue with. If this is something you’re concerned about then you must talk to authorities, however, if you are feeling as if you are coping and settling down well with working from home still, then this is great. Working from home does, in fact, have a huge number of benefits and although the new routine may take some time and it may feel a relentless struggle, you will quickly find your feet and over the coming weeks we will see the restrictions that the government may implement or release but by working from home, you are in fact also giving a lot of benefit to the health systems too. Realize that you’re most likely saving money too which can be put into the pot for a new car, or to be injected back into your business or any area that you wish. Just think about what you are capable of doing in your own space surrounded by the things that inspire you and the things that you love the most. 

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