Television + Digital Producer Tiffany Bender Explains Why Humility Is A Key To Success

On May 17th, television and digital producer Tiffany Bender joined members of the Her Agenda Insider community and dropped gems upon gems about how she has made her dream career a reality. Here’s one piece of advice that resonated with Her Agenda Insiders:

“Take nothing personal, not even a compliment. By doing so, it keeps you humble but in a way that we need to stay up out of our feelings. Take the compliment (always, and full. Stop self-depreciating) but also don’t let it go to your head.”

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On what keeps her motivated to move forward: 

“One of two lessons I hold close: No one cares, work harder – because that will keep you humble. I think humility is so important in propelling where you are and keeping the right people around that enjoy working with you.”

On the skills needed to work in television: 

“Take WHATEVER job in television. I find now that people exiting schools be “too good.” And don’t let them have a little clout online. I was literally painting GOLD TEETH white as a production assistant. Tracking down baby daddies. So if you aren’t on TV already, get there.”

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