12 Email Sign-Offs We Wish We Could Use

Email Sign offs we wish we could use

Don’t you ever wish you could send a work email that reflected the way you actually felt? It would be so refreshing to sometimes skip the constant “thank you” and “sorry” and the ever popular “look forward to hearing from you soon.”

We all know that you aren’t thankful for the hundreds of emails flooding your inbox, and more likely than not you can’t decide wether you want the wifi to go faster, or if you want it to break altogether so you can ignore your multiplying responsibilities in peace.

Imagine the way someone like Kanye would sign off their emails. There’s no way they wish anyone “the best.” Instead of instinctively praising their email recipients, they probably praise themselves! 

Here is our list of email sign offs we wish we could use instead of the forced standard ones (but obviously we would never really use these because we are professional):

1. Monumentally Yours,

KanyeKanye West

2. You’re Welcome,

youre welcome

Because why am I thanking you when I am the one who just sent you a message?

3.  For the tenth time,


The key is in the follow up, but this is the tenth follow up. 

4. See you never,


5. Please just give me what I want,


6. Look forward to getting what I’m asking for,


7. Okay, you can stop emailing me now,


8. Hope this helps….and you can stop bothering me,


9. I know you saw this,


10. Stressfully yours,


11. This isn’t that complicated,

Face Palm

12. Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

No compilation of sign-offs is complete without the classic gossip girl signature.

But, if you aren’t trying to lose your job any time soon some serious tricks do exist for signing off emails in the workforce, and they are more important than most realize.

According to experts Barbara Pachter, Will Schwalbe and Aliza Licht, a short “Best” is the perfect way to sign off a professional email. In an interview with The Independent, the experts agreed that it’s important to find a balance between a too-informal and too-stuffy salutation. 

“Not closing seems way too abrupt,” Pachter tells Business Insider. “If you have a salutation, you should have a closing to balance it out.”

But there are still some things we can learn from the Kanye method. Using the words “sorry,” “just,” and other qualifying words throughout emails have been proven to undermine the strength of an email. Tami Reiss, CEO of Cyrus Innovation, even created a Gmail plug-in that automatically underlines such words when drafting a message.

Who says there can’t be a healthy compromise? It’s possible to be both sincere and humble in an email – genuine sign-offs don’t always have to scare away your contacts. If creating a unique sign-off/signature is too overwhelming, you now know that you can never go wrong with “Best.”

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