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When Your Dream Job Isn’t Your Dream Job Anymore

By Kate Gremillion Working at a large or mid-sized PR firm.  Yeah, that sounds nice. It sounded so nice that it became my go-to answer for my professors, strangers at cocktail parties and potential employers when they asked the  “Where do you … Read More

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3 Easy-to-Implement Time Savers to Boost Productivity at Work

Founder and CEO of Egami Consulting Group, Teneshia Jackson-Warner welcomes attendees. Photo credit: Jasmine Alston

The Dream Symposium 2015 Offers Advice To Entrepreneurs on Branding and Business Building


Make ‘Take Your Daughter to Work’ Day A Memorable One

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Former CIA Officers Reveal Tactics To Help You “Get The Truth” From Anyone


What You Need To Know About Working At A Job Without Benefits

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Essential Tips For Successful Planning From a Millennial Entrepreneur