Book Review: Hired, Happy and Paid

“Hired, Happy, and Paid” is a course workbook by The Branding Muse that at first look, seems to follow the be your own boss new age entrepreneurial trend. I was all too ready to throw it into the pile of “anti 9-5” and grad school texts, but then something interesting occurred. Instead, the book challenged me to consider myself as a living, breathing corporation.

In 2012, there was a huge debate about the term “corporations are people.” However, the metaphor used in this book is merely for perspective.

The Board of Directors are my role models and mentors and investors are folks along your career path that have invested in your achievement. Human resources is the equilibrium of personal and work life. Marketing and public relations are networking opportunities and moments of exposure, and operations is deemed to be the practices that keep our progression fruitful.

This is the metaphor that pulled me in: when creating a brand, it’s difficult to look at yourself as a team. Often insecurity and doubt settles in. However, the book prompts you to think of your savvy and skill as different subdivisions. With this mentality, teamwork is a word that no longer just refers to more than one person.

Throughout the workbook you’re stimulated to relearn yourself through niche and passion, so you can ascertain what you’d like to be notorious for. You’ll be asked to create a uniqueness that doesn’t deviate, as you move through representations of yourself in social media, portfolio, and real life. You’ll learn how to craft your elevator pitch, biography, and build your credibility.

We also learn that consistency is key in the projection of your brand. From your business card to your resume, there are components of depiction that I never saw as integral to my professional identity.

The Branding Muse delivers beautiful examples and motivation that’ll make the already “branded” want to revamp their entire profile.

“Hired, Happy, and Paid” delivers exactly what you need to revitalize your trademark. If this course workbook is a depiction of her brand, then she’s hired to make me happy and paid. 

Note: To get access to the workbook, you need to register for the three week personal branding course. Classes begin in September and there are a few spots left. You can register for the full three week course, here.

Erica Buddington

About Erica Buddington

Through her writing Erica tells the story of her diaspora and women everywhere; she spends her mornings lecturing our next generation and her evenings scribing tales that will help to mold their perspectives.She is currently studying Creative Writing at New York University. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and is currently working on finishing her first novel.
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