Co-Founders Of Bonnti To Disrupt The Beauty Tech Industry

On March 8th, co-founders of Bonnti, a fun-to-use aggregator that helps women of color find hairstylists in their area, Maude Okrah and Simone Tetteh joined subscribers of #theAgenda to share their experience in building their company, and how their friendship has become stronger as their business continues to grow. 

For a little over an hour, Maude and Simone both shared lessons they’ve learned individually and as a team, giving Her Agenda insiders a glimpse into what life as start-up founders is really like. 

Here’s one piece of advice that resonated with many Her Agenda Insiders: 

“You also have to love what you do; be obsessed with it! If you don’t have passion, you may not survive.” 

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On their favorite part of the process of developing Bonnti: 

Simone: I’d say the best part is getting to work with my best friend.

Maude: Simone and I have a great dynamic in meetings in which we just face this challenge together, reinforce our points and leave meetings changing mindsets and perspectives.

On lessons they have learned throughout their careers: 

Simone: Listening and truly trying to understand where another person is coming from is very vital in keeping us afloat as Bonnti but really in all aspects of life.

Maude: I would say the 3ps: patience, persistence, and passion. While the entrepreneurial world is very fast-paced, you have to learn there are times where you have to exercise patience, as stressful as that may be, follow your intuition.

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