Health And Wellness For Millennial Women

On March 30th, health and plant-based blogger Chelsea Williams of joined subscribers of #theAgenda to share why millennial women should make their wellness a priority.

For an hour, Chelsea shared a number of gems and lessons learned that empowered the community to take a new perspective on how we approach health and self-care.

Here’s one piece of advice that resonated with strongly with #theAgenda:

“For me, practicing self-care is all about how you feel on the inside before anything external.” 

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On balancing a full-time job while managing her blog and personal brand: 

“I must admit, it has been a challenge. Luckily, my employer loves that I am a blogger and I’m integrated into the health and wellness world in my personal life. I try to balance my blog by scheduling content in advance, batch processing and reminding myself that blogging is not a race.”

On practicing self-care: 

“Self-care is saying affirmations and mastering my emotions when I feel out of whack. It’s protecting my energy and saying ‘no’ and not feeling guilty about it. I practice self-care by creating rituals that make me feel good from the inside out.”

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A PR and social media marketing strategist, Chasity Cooper works to inspire millennials to find the intersection of their passion and purpose. Follow her on Twitter at @chasityscooper.
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