How Many Hours Per Week Must You Work To Earn A Living Wage? (Interactive Infographic)

While women still do not make as much money as their counterparts, we are lucky to live in a country that acknowledges this gap! Equal pay day was created by National Committee on Pay Equity in 1996 in order to raise awareness of the wage gap between men and women.

Today, National Equal Pay Day is  unfortunately still necessary. President Barack Obama made a president proclamation concerning the event. In his opening statement, he shares:

“Throughout our Nation’s history, brave women have torn down barriers so their daughters might one day enjoy the same rights, same chances, and same freedoms as their sons. Despite tremendous progress, too many women are entering the workforce to find their mothers’ and grandmothers’ victories undermined by the unrealized promise of equal pay for equal work. On National Equal Pay Day, we mark how far into the new year women would have to work to earn the same as men did in the previous year, and we recommit to making equal pay a reality.”

In honor of this day, we wanted to share some cool resources with you!

Upworthy, a “mission-driven” company which serves as an online media source,  shared an awesome visual graphic titled “6 Magical Things That Will Happen If We Invest More Money In Girls And Women.” Click here to check it out!

Another issue in our country is the struggle to earning a living wage. A living wage is defined as a salary that allows an individual to maintain a normal standard of living. Many people earn less than what has been deemed as a necessary amount to provide for themselves; this has raised many questions about state minimum wages.

Below you will find a visual which will allow you to determine what your living wage is and how many hours per week you must work in order to obtain that living wage. For more information on this graphic and how to use it, click here.

Happy National Equal Pay Day!

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