Journalist And Editor Suggests Diversifying Your News Palate To Get The Truth

On November 30th, contributing editor for Refinery 29 Lily Herman joined subscribers of #theAgenda to discuss how to effectively navigate this tumultuous era we’ve grown to know as fake news.

For over an hour, Lily shared the lessons she has learned thus far in her journalism career and the best ways she practices self-care as a journalist who is required to be connected 24/7.

Here’s one piece of advice about evolving professionally that resonated with many in #theAgenda:

“Ascribe to Shine Theory, where you befriend women who are just as successful and more successful than you. It took a while to retrain myself to realize that there didn’t need to be competition, and there’s plenty of room for everyone.” 

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Journalist And Editor Suggests Diversifying Your News Palate To Get The Truth

On things she had to unlearn and relearn about herself as she evolved professionally: 

“Do good work, be easy to work with, and be nice in general. These sound super basic, and yet you’d be surprised how many people are missing one of those three things.”

On taking care of herself in a job that requires a lot of digital connectivity: 

“Follow a lot of different types of people on your social media platforms. It’s easy for me to want to follow a ton of politicos and political correspondents on Twitter because I do similar work, but that’s quite an exhausting Twitter feed. Instead, I follow so many different people who tweet about so many different things, so I actually find it really enjoyable to be on social media as opposed to entirely draining.”

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