Making Strategic Career Moves

On March 23rd, entrepreneur and career expert Leslie Bradshaw joined subscribers of #theAgenda to share how millennial women can make strategic career moves in today’s job market.

For a little over an hour, Leslie shared her experiences in navigating her career within different sectors, what it means to be a leader within the workplace, and the importance of making time for self-care, no matter how busy your schedule gets.

Here’s one gem that resonated strongly with members of #theAgenda:

“Jobs are jobs. Work is all about the same. Managing money and time and people. But it’s the people who make it memorable and special.”

Leslie Bradshaw Headshot - Sept 2016On preparing for a career move, and taking on new responsibilities: 

“I had to go on offense and look for what allowed me to be my best self, which included the people and the actual work. I had to take my time and be patient. I didn’t want to just jump because I wanted “new” but rather do the due diligence to find ‘right.'”

On personal lessons that she has learned as she has grown in her career: 

“One, figure out your WHY. Two, figure out your kryptonite (i.e., the things that dim your light)… it can be tasks, people, environments. And then, AVOID THEM. Three, balance, balance, balance. Find what brings you joy and makes you healthy, and don’t sacrifice it.”

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