Paid Opportunities For College Students

paid opportunities for college students

1. Awake Chocolate

Awake is offering $10 an hour for you to sample chocolate and seek organizations on campus that would be interested in sponsorship from them.


2. Kaplan Student Ambassador

Kaplan is offering $15 per hour for students to host events on campus and promote the Kaplan brand on campus and online through blogs and social media.


3. Myx TV

Myx is offering $595 in exchange for 8 weeks of marketing work promoting shows and promoting the network through events and partnerships on campus and online through social media.


4. Airtime Campus Strategist

Airtime is offering $12 per hour to promote their app on campus through event marketing and product feedback. Their app allows you to video chat with up to 6 people at once.  This offer is exclusive to  25 HBCU schools across the country.


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