How This 7-Year-Old Became An All Star Entrepreneur

How This 7 Year-Old Became An All Star Entrepreneur

Image: Kyleigh’s Lemonade Stand Facebook

Being an entrepreneur has no age limit, and Kyleigh McGee proves it.

This seven-year-old from Little Rock, Arkansas oversees her own food truck. It is slowly becoming a staple in her community as people are in awe of this mini mogul.

Kyleigh started off with a lemonade stand in her grandparent’s yard. The stand became lucrative, and thus her plans to expand formed. With the help of her mother, she converted an old snow cone stand to her own food truck, “Kyleigh’s Lemonade Stand.”

The food truck features her lemonade as well as ice cream and other snacks. Her signature item is the pineapple snow cone that is served in a hollowed-out pineapple. She takes the time to flavor each of her concoctions.

How This 7 Year-Old Became An All Star Entrepreneur

Image: Kyleigh’s Lemonade Stand Facebook

According to her mother, Gabrielle Williams, she wanted her daughter to experience what it’s like to run a business. She believes it teaches her how to save money and be more responsible. “I [want] to give her the opportunity to see that there’s [so much] to do and see,” Williams shared.

There’s no questioning how ambitious Kyleigh is. Running a business isn’t the only thing she wants to do. “I’ve heard her say she wants to be a teacher, a doctor, a singer, and a tennis player,” Williams exclaims.

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The mini mogul said her favorite part about running her food truck is “being the boss and serving people food.” At such a young age, Kyleigh is learning the key skills to rule the business world. The response the truck has received is overwhelming. People everywhere are responding to Kyleigh’s tenacity and charm. They are lining up to try her pineapple snow cones. Initially, her plans were to run the food truck in the summer. Yet, they have received bookings until December, thus making them stay upon during the year.

This boss is only going up from here. We can’t wait to see how far she goes!

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